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[Guide] How to shine in HoL

Tue Jun 07, 2016 6:10 am

Greetings,Hunters! Hall of Legends aka HoL unlocks at party level 65.Now,many people don't pay much attention to the heroes that are needed to do good in HoL from early on.But,I'd say that it's a bad idea.Because there are many powerful heroes soulstones in HoL.

So,firstlly I'm gonna introduce you to the core heroes needed in HoL.

Garrick: He is needed to tackle every Boss.

Gizmo:The best DPS (Damage per second) in game.You'll need him everywhere.

Bloodspear : This hero is built for HoL bosses and Raid bosses.As he doesn't work well in other parts of game, so many people tend to ignore him.But,For better ranks in HoL you must upgrade him.

Tholin: The Dedicated "Tank"/DPS for HoL.His Wolves do insane damage and also he speeds up attack.

Slim: He is only great after orange fusion.He basically heals himself with every hit after orange.He has the highest crit rating in game.

So,You should prioritize on these heroes First.But,there are some HoL Boss Specific heroes which can help you significantly.Such as:

Against HoL Drago: Magical Single-Target heroes like Alastair,Selene,Osiris and Dodging master Hanzo..Btw,You can also do enough damage without them if you follow some tactics.

Against HoL Vincent: Leon can be good here because he can hold vincent for a significant time.Jasmine is much needed here.But,be careful to hit her ultimate after the red blood-drop finishes.

Against HoL Hurok: Leah can be of use here for her haste.You need to deliver damage as soon as possible against this boss.[Tholin,leah,bloodspear,garrick,slim]- You can try this team here. Jasmine as well,make sure you hit jasmine's ultimate as soon as one hero's health gets to 1.Mushashi is good too.

Against HoL Crusher: Dokras is much needed here at early levels because his minions share the damage dealt by Crusher while keeping alive your other heroes.Jasmine can also be of help here.

[N.B.] Tanya,Ezio are also doing great as front liners.They are also great to have.

So,The hero introduction is over.Now,I'll introduce you to the tactics and hero formations in HoL.

Drago: Tholin,Mushashi,Tanyagarrick,bloodspear,slim,gizmo,Jasmine,Alastair
Drago hits you hard when your health is full and hits less when health is low.When your heroes are shrunk,you get hit less and attack better.One tactic is releasing bloodspear and garrick ultimate together.Thar way you can ensure maximum damage output.And,also hit jasmine ult when most heroes health is low.
Another thing is try to combine ultimates which take longer time for animation.

Leon,Tanya,Mushashi,Garrick,Slim,Bloodspear,Jasmine,Gizmo,gale [Tholin is not recommended here because his wolves turn into OP (Overpowered) Bats.]
When vincent ultimates,don't hit jasmine's ultimate at once.Wait till the blood-drop animation is at end,then you hit ult.Also,try to hit ultimates combined to reduce the time taken. Vincent is considered The most difficult Boss in HoL.

Tholin,Mushashi,leah(specific team),Garrick,Bloodspear,Gizmo,jasmine,slim,tanya
He one-shots hero to health 1 when the damage is in odd numbers.So,hold your ultimates before you get closed to odd number damages,and then hit them.So that he can't get time to one-shot kill your heroes.Try to hit gizmo's ult when iin confused state.Also,try to hit jasmine ult when one hero's health is turned to 1.

Crusher is considered the second most Difficult boss in HoL.Tholin is a must here.You need more units to share the damage here (Dokras' minions).Also,you should combine Bloodspear,Garrick ultimates to get best results.

This is the overview of HoL in my opinion.Any suggestions or corrections are gladly welcome.
Thank you all for reading this long post.Hope,it helps you well.

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Re: [Guide] How to shine in HoL

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