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Developer Diary: 2.4.10 Update

Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:00 pm

Hello Hunters!

We will update our game (version 2.4.10) to bring you new features and fix some bugs to improve your game experience. The game will be offline from 12/16 11:30 PM until 12/17 5:30 AM PST.

New in this update:

1. Game Content

- Added New Merchant: Goblin Peddler. Appears randomly after completing Heroic Stages; permanently available for players VIP 10 and up
- Number of items displayed simultaneously in Trader raised to 12, added a greater variety of items.
- New Guild Message Feature: Guild Master may now send one message per day to the mailbox of all Guild members.
- Individual Guild Points contribution limit raised to 800 per day
- Adjusted cost and amount of Daily Resets of Heroic Stages for VIP players
- Lowered the cost of the first 2 refreshes of the Black Market Smuggler
- Polish Flag now available as Guild Avatar
- Improved tutorial and adjusted the difficulty of early campaign stages
- Fixed problem with banned words in chat
- New Orange and Purple Items added to Diamond Chest
- 1-Star Heroes in Diamond Chest replaced with 2-Star and 3-Star Heroes.
- New Purple Items added to Gold Chest
- 2-Star Heroes added to Gold Chest
- Improved Quality of Items found in Crucible of Fire Chests, 1-Star Heroes removed
- Tholin Card and Soulstones added to Diamond Chest
- Tholin Soulstones now available in Crucible Supply Wagon
- Riley Soulstones added to Champion’s Corner (Epic Arena Store)

2. Heroes

- After using his ultimate, Dr. Zeno will use his next ability more quickly
- Lowered the Max Health of the bat summoned by Vincent’s 2nd ability

3.Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug causing Mystic Dragonscale not to show stat increase with enchantment
- Fixed bug affecting reset of daily battles in the Arena
- Fixed error in the description of Wraxius’ 4th ability

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