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***Rise of Kingdoms - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:54 am

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Alliance Guide for Beginners

Requirement to Create or Join an Alliance.

    -Build Alliance Center
    -500 Gems

Creating an Alliance
Alliance Tag
    4 Unique Characters
    -This will define your alliance and what other alliance will refer you as

Alliance Name
    - Enter your desired Alliance Name

    - Input Basic description about your alliance
    - Add your minimum requirement to join
    - Add your Allies, Enemies and NAP (Non-Aggression Pack) Details

    - Toggles whether anyone can join or application is needed
    - Tips [ You can include in your alliance description that a formal message is to be sent first prior to applying]

    - Choose the best language your alliance is suited for

Requirements to build alliance fortress
Center Fortress Requirement
    - At least 20 Alliance Members
    - At least 500,000 Alliance Power
    - 900K Alliance Credits

Alliance Fortress 2 Requirements
    - At least 50 Alliance Members
    - At least 5,000,000 Alliance power
    - Resource Requirements depends on your alliance Architecture 1 level
    - Lvl 5 Architecture 1 ( 4.5M Alliance Credits , 1.8M Crop, 1.8M Wood, 1.4M Stones and 900k Gold)

Alliance Fortress 3 Requirements
    - At least 50 Alliance Members
    - At least 5,000,000 Alliance power
    - Resource Requirements depends on your alliance Architecture 1 level
    - Lvl 5 Architecture 1 ( 9.0M Alliance Credits , 4.5M Crop, 4.5M Wood, 2.7M Stones and 1.8M Gold)

Note: This will vary depending on your alliance research

How to Gain Alliance Resources
    - Occupy Alliance Resource Deposits (By Building Flags and capturing within your territory)
      Alliance Deposits
      ( Alliance Cropland, Alliance Logging Camp , Alliance Stone Deposit, Alliance Gold Deposit)
    - Farming inside the alliance territory will grand your alliance x% of the resources farmed by members

How to obtain Alliance Credits

    - Alliance Help
    - Alliance Technology Donations
    - Alliance building constructions (Grants a significant amount of alliance credits)

How to build flags efficiently
    - Focus on resource rich areas
    - Capture Alliance deposits
    - Surround your Alliance fortress (This is will be your main defense for your Center Fortress)

[Beginner's Guide] Alliance Guide Part 1 -

[Beginner's Guide] Alliance Guide Part 2 [How to Earn alliance credits] -

Commander Usage and Best Practices

Commanders are use for:
    - Gathering
    - Battling
    - Building of Fortress or Flags
    - Obtaining runes
    - Reinforcing buildings
    - Setting a rally for Barb Forts, Holy Sites, Enemy bases

Fighting Barbarians in the wild
    - Will cost 50 Action points in the first attack, to efficiently use action point do not let your commander return home and keep attacking barbarians in the wild this will reduce 2 action points per consecutive attacks.
    - The best way to use your action points
    - Gain exp points and also gain a generous amount of resources loots. In addition to this, obtaining Tome of knowledge are gained here. By farming barbarians your gain two ways to lvl up your commanders
    - Obtain Arrow of Resistance this will be consumed when you need to upgrade your watch tower.
    - Sending two units/ two battalions is the most efficient way of attacking barbarians
    [ Gain 2x Exp , Reduce marching to locate a different barbarian with the same lvl ]

How to level up commanders
    - Fighting / farming Barbarians
    - Fighting Sanctum guardians these will grant you the highest EXP without the cost of Action points (EXP points depends on the level of guardians)
    - Sending multiple units / battalions will double your rewards and EXP
    - Use of Tome of Knowledge

Barbarian Forts
    - No Exp gained
    - Greater potential rewards gained
    - Chance of obtaining Keys, and gems.

Commander Rarity
    - Advanced (Green)
    - Elite (Blue)
    - Epic (Purple)
    - Legendary (Gold)

Note: Utilize your Advance commanders ---> Epic commanders because you will receive their sculptures easier than the legendary ones.

Focusing on your main commander
    - You will be able to earn the most sculptures for your main commanders
    - Can be redeemed through the events and daily quest

Where to obtain Sculptures

    - Tavern (Check rewards list)
    - Expedition mission and shop
    - Daily Quest
    - Events
    - Monument rewards
    - Alliance Chest

Commander Info
    - Getting your commander star level 3 stars will unlock commander pairing
    - Primary Commander skills are casted first then second commander cast
    - Primary Commander Talent tree will be effective during battles. The second commander talent tree would not be effective but their skills will be.

Troop Capacity

    - Base (City Hall lvl) + Commander lvl

Troop Dispatch (Under City Hall Information)
    - Lvl 5 ( 2 Dispatch)
    - Lvl 11 (3 Dispatch)
    - lvl 17 ( 4 Dispatch)
    - lvl 22 (5 Dispatch)

[Beginner's Guide] Official Commander Usage Guide -

Attacking and Defending

Multiple ways of battling
    -PvE (Player vs Environment) e.g. Barbarians, Barbarian forts, holy site guardians, Lohars .. etc.
    -PvP (Player vs Player)

Commander battle active skill casting
    - Casting skills for commanders requires 1000 rage
    - During the battle there will be dots on the commander's image once this is filled the primary commander then will cast their skill
Note: Primary commanders will cast their active skill first then in a few turns the secondary commanders will cast theirs.

Types of Attacks
    - Normal attacks ( By Clicking attack) | 50 Action points cost
    - Rally ( Engage alliance members to participate , to teaming-up to defeat (PvP cities , Flags, Alliance Fortress, Barb Fort, Lohar, Udor) | 150 Action Points cost

    - Attacking alliance buildings (Your alliance territory must be adjacent to the enemy territory)
    - Reinforcement, this can be done by clicking the marched rally troops and reinforce to fill the capacity.
Note: Rally size depends on your castle size.
Note : Normal attacking cities will turn severely wounded troops to die, the best practice here is to rally the city instead if needed to minimize the lost of troops.


Appointing a Garrison Defender
    - Click the wall
    -Click on the commanders to change for the best commander to defend the city

Note use the commanders with the defender attributes as your commander in the wall (at least one of them to benefit o the buffs)

Rise of Civilizations - How to Attack and Defend Basics [Beginner's Guide]

Resource Management

Saving for rainy days
    - Horde some resources
      ( Resources Pack A , B and C)
      ( Individual Resources - Food, Wood , Stone , and Gold )

Note : The purpose of saving these resources is for war events. You may not have a chance during war period. Use these backup resources to heal your troops.

Maximize Your Gathering Speed
    - Use Enhanced gathering speed, buy these from the shop and the courier shop
      [Courier shop will allow you to buy this at a discounted price.]
    - Gather runes ( Gathering speed + x%)

Note : Combining these two will efficiently increase your gathering speeds Consider also VIP Buffs [ At lvl 11 Gathering speed increases to +20%]

Note: If you gather runes for gathering speed while actively gathering, your gathering speed will be updated and shorten the amount of time depending on the % of rune.

Farming Barbarians and Farming Barbarian Forts
    - A lot of potential loots here and more efficient than farming resource tiles or nodes (Loots per minute)
    - Use all your action points before farming into the resource tiles or nodes
    - Farming barbarians are more efficient than farming barbarian forts in terms of resources gained. Only focus on barbarian forts if you are in need of book of covenant or during an event that you will obtain a greater reward.

Complete Daily Objectives
Note: Finish this daily as this are freebies
    - Activity points 20
      *Food & Wood- 30K
      *Stone - 20K
      *Gold - 3K
      *Training Speed up (5m)- 5x

    -Activity points 40
      *Food & Wood- 60K
      *Stone - 45K
      *Gold - 6K
      *Building Speed up (5m) - 5x

    -Activity points 60
      *Silver key - 1x
      *Research Speed up - 8x
      *100 Basic Action Point - 1x
      *lvl 1 Tome of Knowledge (100 exp) - 40x
      *Brand-new Starlight - 2x

    -Activity points 80
      *Food & Wood- 120K
      *Stone - 90K
      *Gold - 12K
      *Speed up (5m) - 17x

    -Activity points 100
      *Gems - 100x
      *Golden Key - 1x
      *Magic box - 1x
      *Epic Commander - 3x

[Beginner's Guide] Resource Management| From BEGINNER TO PRO HOW TO TIPS!! -
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Re: ***Rise of Civilizations - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:39 pm

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

ce guide est très bien, mais malheureusement pas en français, voici donc le lien d'une nouvelle chaîne Youtube qui vous donnera également accès à un guide pour débutants, des astuces, des tutos, etc.. ... hLoweE5_Bg

Likez et abonnez-vous pour soutenir la chaîne et êtres avertis des derniers contenus.

Vous pouvez aussi taper " riseof " dans la barre de recherche de Youtube.

Bon jeu !

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Re: ***Rise of Civilizations - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:09 am

Really your post is really very good and I appreciate it. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes.You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years.
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Re: ***Rise of Civilizations - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:10 am

Really your post is really very good and I appreciate it. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes.You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years.
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Re: ***Rise of Civilizations - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:11 pm


Suggesting an edit regarding barbarian farming. The AP cost diminishes by 2 until it hits 30 (jungler) or 40 (non jungler). Might want to add this as some people might wonder why it stops at 30 or 40 and doesnt continue down to 28,26,24...4,2.

Hope it helps.
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Re: ***Rise of Civilizations - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Fri Mar 08, 2019 2:28 am

Thanks for the great share Shinchi!
You can see the rewritten version of the guide with better format on (allowed by the author of this guide).

Quick Resource Management Guide for New Players
Attacking and Defending Tips for New Players
Best 20+ Commander Tips for New Players
Instant Alliance Guide for Beginners
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Re: ***Rise of Civilizations - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:29 pm

Nice work! ty 4 guide
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Re: ***Rise of Kingdoms - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:55 am

Nice informative in-depth article. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Re: ***Rise of Kingdoms - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:10 am

I think so,
The information you share is very interesting.

I loved the way you discuss the topic great work thanks for the share.
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Re: ***Rise of Kingdoms - Ultimate Beginner's Guide***

Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:28 pm

Does anyone know if a percentage of the alliance rss pit contributes to the alliance storehouse ?

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