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[Hero Suggestion] Physical healing

Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:14 am

The time-lost champion.

Armed with knowledge forgotten by time and his mysterious orb, Eon can change the outcome of any situation.

ULTIMATE: (Temporal Regression)
Eon forces the hands of time to move in reverse..
Friendly units will restore health over time based on the amount they had before going into battle.
Enemy units are forced to move in reverse. Returning to the location they were at the beginning of the battle.

GREEN: (Time-lost: Gravity)
Using his lost knowledge Eon creates a temporal shift.
First lifting then knocking front-line units towards the back lane and stunning enemies for a short duration.

BLUE: (Time-lost: Vortex)
Using his lost knowledge Eon creates a temporal implosion.
Causing space to bend and collapse while dragging enemy units towards the implosion before launching them forward.

PURPLE: (Time-lost: Lux)
Using his lost knowledge Eon creates a temporal refraction.
Causing light to bend and confuse enemy units.

AWAKENING: (Mitosis)
Every 4th Time-lost ability used will cause Eon's Mysterious orb to replicate itself.
The replicated orbs will have a percentage of Eon's health and will absorb damage until destroyed.
Once the orb is destroyed Eon may instantly use the ability that created the replicated orb.
Additionally, Eon's basic attack bounces 4 times randomly between enemy units, reducing in damage each time it bounces.

I was aiming for a male healing type that leaned more towards physical damage instead of magical.
Ironically I'd imagine he'd look some what like a mage and defiantly fight like one.
However every ability he uses would deal physical damage as he is manipulating or bending physical matter to deal damage and/or control the battlefield.
Also.. i really need a male healer for the Dojo!

His basic attack could be a ranged attack produced by his orb.
Once awakened the attack could jump from target to target reducing in damage each time.

His ultimate Temporal Regression could return (X)% of your heroes total health over a short period.
The (X) amount could scale depending on this ability's level.
To balance this ability I'd imagine he would have little energy efficiency while also going unaffected by his own healing ability.
Hopefully creating more incentive to time his ultimate perfectly.

The ability Time-lost: Gravity could lift front-line heroes then toss them towards the back lane stunning all targets in between.
Allowing Eon to control the battlefield by forcing tanks and other melee heroes to the back lane for a short duration.

The ability Time-lost: Vortex would manipulate the battlefield even further by first dragged all enemy units towards the back lane then pushing them forward with an implosive blast.
Back-line enemy units would be pushed furthest towards the front lane, Leaving front-line heroes untouched by the push forward.

The ability Time-lost: Lux could be like other charm effects.
Confusing enemy units and forcing them to fight their own.
To make this ability unique maybe add a bouncing effect like Cara's debuff, Moving from unit to unit up to 3 times.

Eon can be a unique hero to have on your team but until he is awaken he can only disrupt the battlefield not control it..
When he gains Mitosis he gains sustainability by replicating his orbs and absorbing damage done that would have been done to him.
The first time Mitosis is activated your orb will create a single copy but if that copy isn't destroyed by the time Mitosis activities again the two orbs will replicate creating a total of 4 orbs that will take damage for Eon. Once 4 orbs are present this ability wont activate again until all 3 replicated orbs are destroyed.

With that said his awaken effects his entire play-style.
Each orb that is replicated absorbs the Time-lost ability that created it.
Once the orb is destroyed Eon my cast that ability.
The replicated ability will not effect eon's current attack rotation.
Allowing Eon to create combos that continuously force front-line heroes back and back-line heroes forward.
Creating maximum vulnerability to the enemy team.
That said, Once his ultimate is activated the enemy team will reset to their original position.
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Re: [Hero Suggestion] Physical healing

Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:34 am

I would like to see this hero implemented :)
no more money from me
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Re: [Hero Suggestion] Physical healing

Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:28 pm

This is very good idea..........
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Re: [Hero Suggestion] Physical healing

Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:41 am

Thank you :D

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