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Re: Server mergers

Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:02 am

It must be quite a bummer to actually use ur head instead of money after this unfamiliar server merges. Let me get that straight: u must be around lvl 90 (+-5), must have at least one set of all oranged geared team and u are vip 13

Now u are complaining that u can't keep up in the arena rankings? Let me tell ya that ur strategy must have a major issue. Just look at some setups get to know ur hero abilities and kick some ass. Don't take the t50 straight away, take ur time take them one by one down and build up ur heroes/teams.

By the time it took u to write ur complain u could have won some area a ranks or gone for some orange or purple gear. It is not like that they gonna undo the merge anyway. Make the best out of it.

Being vip just gives u the opportunity to be quicker on stars and gear. It isn't said that u don't have to use ur brain

Btw: I am vip 0 and managed ranks around 200-100...
So it isn't impossible

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