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Re: Conjuring Stone Fairness

Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:25 pm

InstagamrrOnYoutube wrote:
Conjuring stone is just a diamond sinkhole at the moment. It should absolutely be the last thing you spend your money on. Pretty sure you have better odds in Vegas and your diamonds are better spent on (even more) stamina resets.

I agree with the suggestion that at x number of pulls youre guaranteed a hero card. It's sad that gold chests perform better than CS. Every time I use the CS I feel the guilt of literally flushing money down the toilet.

Well said!

This needs to be addressed. I'd even be wiling to bet people would use the CS at a higher cost if there were a guarantee involved like the other chests. 10x pulls at 500 gems each, for 5000 gems, would likely get more use than the current total randomness, and generate more revenue.

I also think, in keeping with the heuristic you've set with the other stones, there should be 1 free weekly pull.
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Michele Schiavetta
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Re: Conjuring Stone Fairness

Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:06 am

Conjuring stone is a MAJOR fail. Because it NEVER changed since the beginning of this game. I remember playing in august 2015 how hard it was getting soulstones. It was really difficult, adn getting 5 was "WHOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH I GOT FIVE YAY!!". Right now heroic stages drop one SS every sweep, they even reduced the cost of a heroic reset from 50 to 20, pebbler sells them in bulk, they even added a SS shop in Hall of Legends! And conjuring stone still drops 2-5 SS. THIS IS STUPID! People is not slightly intrested in getting 5 leon Soulstones when the can be bought from the TRADER FOR 100k gold! Do i have to spend 5$ to get them?? Really, kick9?! There are many solutions to this problem, and game can be balanced by doing ANY from these solutions i list here:
1- CS pulls cost less: 100 diamonds fot the chest they give right now is more than enough. You can BUY 10 for a 10% discount (900 diamonds instead of 1000).
2 - soulstones drop increased: Yeah, because people dont spend 400 diamonds to get more gold or EXP mozzarellas. They want the stones of the daily and weekly hero. So instead SS, for THAT cost, should drop like this: mimimum 10 stones per pull, chance to get 12, 14, 16, and a rare one of 20 SS.
3 - Weekly hero assured: 10 pulls (4000 diamonds = 50$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) give you a 100% chance to get the weekly hero, just like 10 diamond chest pulls give you 100% chance to get hero cards. This way you can risk making 10 separate pulls, hoping to get him before the 10th, or spend directly 50$ to get him.

Choose any of these changes and the game will be balanced again. This doesnt make VIP stronger, because having a new hero doesnt make them stronger. I did 20 pulls for jasmine and still dont have her. Stop treating your customers like shit, kick9! Just because i'm VIP13 (it means i dropped more than 300$!), this should mean i can have some kind of certainty i get new heroes/Soulstones. Thanks.
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