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Re: Conjuring Stone Fairness

Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:38 pm

i like the casual aspect (and did 17 pulls and still no jasmine). I'm not going to rage because casuality is part of the game. BUT something has to be said: CONJURING STONE REWARDS SUCK! with 400 (FOUR HUNDRED, GUYS!!) diamonds, the only useful thing i get is 5 leon soulstones. 5 SOULSTONES?!!!!! WHYYYY??? I can do heroic stages for him and get 9 (assured, not casually!) for free!!!!! The soulstone drop must be HUGELY increased to make Conjuring stone appealable. 5 soulstones, and a MAYBE rare drop of 10???! You kidding? By resetting heroic stages (wich, btw, ALL conjuring stone users can do, as they are at least VIP11), i can get 27 soulstones with only 360 diamonds! And they are not casual soulstones, they are soulstones FOR THE EXACT HERO I NEED AND CHOOSE TO FARM. Why is conjuring stone so expansive? The gold loot is even below 1kk (1 million), so completely useless, and you get 1-2 EXP mozzarella... REALLY, KICK9? Conjuring stone should drop Soulstones in BULK, like 15 for minimum drop, and a rare one of 50! Not 2 minimum, and a rare one of 12! You are mad, kick9.
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