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Re: VIP Rewards

Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:08 pm

-Alexis- wrote:
I agree that it is exciting on becoming a VIP player and get benefits just buying the cheapiest pack of diamonds, I appreciate that but the VIP program needs to be reviewed.

I am VIP 5 and getting 50 midas touch per day is ridiculous. I dont even use them.. You can get your gold coins by playing game campaign, COF, ect. Not worthy. People should be able to buy coins X times he/she wants and not to be limited by midas touch. Game team, please take them out from the game or at least from the VIP program.

Vincent is weak and must be changed for other real and powerful hero. Dont put it in the VIP 1, go higher. This hero should be exclusive for VIP players only and not obtained by any other way including his soulstones.

I dont want to buy stamina 7 times per day. 120 stamina cost 50 diamonds. 840 stamina =350 diamonds per day. Expensive and besides, who spends that amount in just one day? lol

Cool that heroic stages can be played 3, 5, 10 times again but I won't spend 30-50 diamonds per reset lol. I prefer to wait till next day and try my luck. Be smart, put less diamonds price and you will get more players interested in this offer.

The same happens playing arena stage, 50 diamonds to skip the 10 min cool down each time, oh come on! Are you serious??? Get lost lol. Same advice I gave for heroic stages.

If there is a VIP program, should be a VIP e-mail, VIP support, VIP info, do you use LINE or BAND? I started playing a week ago so idk how the program is working right now lol.

completely agree wityh everything you said, except one thing... EVERYBODY in top server or top guild buyes stamina AT LEAST 7 times a day. At least that is what I all my guildmates do. Stamina buy its the only useful thing to do with diamonds. Diamonds are spent only there, not for sure in shops or conjuring stone or midas touch lol!
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