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Re: Server merge killed our server

Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:31 am

Vesperas wrote:
I like this guy, I hunt the souls of traders on my server. The amount of sell outsa re astounding, and with it, I became the only remaining guild from my original server who's relevant on the charts.

Ha! Leave it to Vesperas to show up with his normal post template: Token comment vaguely related to the topic + Desperate attempt to tell everyone how great he (thinks he) is... Only thing missing is a mention of his VIP status.

And I'm not sure a 15-player guild barely in the top 10 ranks as 'relevant on the charts'.

P.S - I think you meant "Traitors", not "Traders" unless you are going after the Goblin or Black Market guys. In that case, only go after the Stones that sell for coins! Don't waste your gems. :)

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