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Today i made 4 times deposit to my game account. There are daily special offer you can buy for 1,03 - 1,93 and 2,96 usd. So i bought 1 chest for 2,96 usd , and 3 times for 1,93 mistakenly. Therefore i got just 2 Speacial offer chests. Than i wrote their live chat to explain my situation, but they didnt answer at all. İ decided to refund the amount and send a request for my 2 mistake deposits. They refunded those amounts. Than i open the game and saw that my inventory gone to minus that i spend which they gave me for the deposits. But the problem is when i saw that they didnt give the all chests, i didnt touch the gifts at all. After than i decided to refund all deposits, and my inventory again gone to minus one more time. So, all for my deposits i should take 4 orange chests (which given randomly cao cao sculpture) Keys, 1800 gems etc. But for all deposits i got 2 orange chests and 1000 gem, and they took back 4 orange chests and 1800 gem. Now ,im waiting for my next 2 refund which is 2,96 and 1,93. And recalculate my inventory because you didnt give me 1800 gems and 4 orange chests etc.

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