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RoC Community Program

Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:04 pm


Do you love Rise of Civilizations? Do you want to showcase your strategic gameplay? Guess what - We want you for our Community Program!

We, the folks at Roc team, really love our community! We appreciate you being here with us, helping us with your feedback, and we want to give some love back to the community, so we can all grow together!

We are now looking for skilled YouTube content creators of all sizes to partner up with us on creating great content for the Rise of Civilizations-Community!

If you would like to be supported in our Community Program, send in your video for a chance to have your YouTube channel and videos featured in game and on our official social media channels!

No matter how big your channel is now, give it a shot and you could become a supported YouTuber and get access to sneak peeks, first-hand info and other secret perks!

What kind of video you send in is up to you. It could be a general introduction to the game, a let's play, a first look; or it could be focused on a single hero, a certain aspect of the game, a special strategy. You can be creative, too, if that's what you like. If you are into drawing, draw something, if you love to sing, sing! If you want to dress up like Minamoto no Yoshitsune, well, who are we to stop you?

If you are up to it, don't hesitate - apply for your spot in the Rise of Civilizations Community Program now!

To take part, follow these steps:

1. Between September 26 and October 15, upload a video about Rise of Civilizations to your YouTube channel and make it public.

2. The description needs to include "Rise of Civilizations" and the hashtag #StrategyLivesHere - Make sure not to forget this part.

3. Send us a link to the published video per e-mail to:

4. We will reach out to the best creators to discuss the next steps.

Limited spots are available, right of decision is with Lilith Games.

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