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Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:31 pm

I'd like to suggest some ideas if you guys would be interested.

1) For those of us who pay for a lifetime patron would it be possible if we could have two separate options for the auto plundering and escorting so for example we could set it to auto plunder dungeons or auto escort wagons. At the moment we have to do both at the same time no matter what and it would be awesome if we could split them. The main reason for this is so we can choose when to do dungeons to align with certain events like treasure hunts. So we could tell our heroes to escort wagons but leave the dungeons until the event starts.

2) Would it be possible for lifetime patrons to be able to auto plunder the resources on the floor? I don't mean allowing us to be able to use a battlebit to clear them but to automatically send our heroes to clear them via auto battles. Maybe add a risk factor that the battle can't be skipped if troop losses will occur.

3) Regarding the Lich troops of skeletons and oculists. These troops cannot be swapped into other races troops and i understand why. However, some players may have played Lich and filled their garrison with these either via resurrection or spending their own resources to create them. If we change from Lich to something else we can no longer upgrade these troops if research allows without swapping back to Lich. I propose that instead of not allowing these troops to be swapped that they can be swapped if they are used in a garrison only. To make this fair and so it isn't abused for resources why not make it so that whenever garrison troops are disbanded that no matter what races troops they are you don't get any resources back?

4) Some races garrison options seem a little unbalanced. For example, Human, Rakan and Slyph can have their entire garrison defense fall injured if they are attacked (excluding catapults of course). Lich have a quite high resurrection success rate albeit they can still lose troops. However, Dwarf cannot use mechs without the risk of high losses to things like mechs or tanks. How about just making it so that garrison troops just fall injured no matter what the troop type and that mechs are instead rebuilt after a set time of being destroyed. Only allow this mechanic for garrison mechs of course.

These next suggestions are just quality of life.

1) Give us an unequip everything option for heroes rather than only having the option to remove items one by one.

2) Have you ever considered a practice arena for us? Somewhere we could maybe pick the opposition we wish to fight against and test ourselves against different races and formations. Allow us to change our race and hero talents free without it changing anything in the real game. Maybe even let us pick the formation and hero layout of the opposition including the level but obviously not the opposition hero talents, troop research or dragon abilities.

3) Dungeons are a little stagnant once you have them at the maximum star reward. Maybe we could have them like we have the events where you can pick the difficulty of 1-4 stars but anything above 1 star difficulty has to be fought manually (lifetime patron cannot be used to auto plunder above 1 star and you cannot use a battlebit on anything above a 1 star).

Thanks for taking the time to read it if you do and any feedback is welcome.

Keep up the good work :)
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Re: Suggestions

Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:18 pm

The Forum is basically dead, but if you would like to come on our Discord Server
there are quite a few active people. Also more people that can discuss your suggestions :)

1) i think we had that suggestion before, would have to check though.

2) has been suggested and will be considered.

3) Troops that are not from your own race do not get research so there is basically no point in having lich troops without being lich.
And its not about the resources you would get back but rather that every race could get a full gold garrison for free because you farm lich undead units with mummies and then swap them to any other race. Farming troops should be lich specific though.

4) They consider doing something about mechs.

1.1) has been suggested they will look into it.

1.2) They approved something like friendly fights.

1.3) Probably wont be considered because thats not the purpose of those dungeons and it would make lifetime patron useless. Could still try to suggest it though.

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