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Honor, Wraxious and other ideas

Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:20 am

Hello! A few ideas:

Help prevent honor earned from sieging going to waste
- Allow honor earned from last siege to overflow past max honor limit so as not to waste honor.

Aura of Wraxious' lantern he holds doesn't typically reach ranged troops / heroes
- Increase the size of his aura or increase range of his auto-attack

Unintended modifications can be saved to army layouts when loading presets fielding missing army troops due to injuries etc
- Provide a lock function to each army layout so layouts cannot be mistakenly modified

Show guard tower count for each city in the guild menu screen
- Help encourage royal guards to place new towers in needed cities

Add an emblem to the end of the titles earned from Guild Wars to help show the different levels of accomplishments
- Master of Fate : Gold Emblem
- Crusader of Fate : Silver Emblem
- Keeper of Fate : Bronze Emblem

Help facilitate in game communication between players with additional features for chat groups
- Admin who owns the chat room
- Mods who can help moderate
- On/Off toggle controls for dis/allowing posting of:
~ text
~ images
~ emojis
~ dragon raid links
~ revenge links
~ golemn links
~ @all mentions
~ member invites

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Honor, Wraxious and other ideas

Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:52 pm

sounds good

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