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!!Extra possibility to adjust heroes set and heroes spec!!

Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:56 pm

Hello again.
I put some !! In title, because i find this a meaningfull improvement.
Most of us have the possibility to make 3 items set ups and 2 ability specs on their heroes.
People who payed more having 3 specs.

We now must go to heroes when we want to change it, and Yes this is especially annoying when you f.i in Hero trials and want to start the fight and realizing You have the wrong set and spec still selected. So You have to leave the fight, go to heroes, change set up and spec, leave heroes, and start tactics...

so i think it will be an improvement to have an extra possibility to change and well at the moment/ page where You can select your formation.
( the one with battlefield showing).
And on a slightly different way then we can do it now. On that page there will be shown 5 ( 6) little icons with in it the text: set up 1, set up 2, set up 3, spec1, spec 2, (spec 3). The one You are playing with / have selected before is a bit lightened, so can see right away which one is selected now.
No change needed, then there is no need to do anything, if You want to change , all You need to do is press the one that You want to select.

This should also be done when You are walking on map and get dueled. Suppose You have wrong set up and spec selected, You now can change it before fight. The way it is now , You cant change it....
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Re: !!Extra possibility to adjust heroes set and heroes spec!!

Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:55 am

has been suggested.

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