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Lifetime Patron Temporary fix

Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:24 am

So I was talking to a house member today that can't get Lifetime Patron (LP) because he is IOS. I already have it, so the issue doesn't affect me. I propose that Lilith should make LP free for all players while they fix the IOS problem. Sounds crazy, but it even has a great business sense to it. First, the IOS users will be able to use it right now. Second, with ALL players enjoying the benefits, once the IOS problem is fixed and they lose it...I'm sure they will want it back. They would be more willing to pay the price for it after seeing how great the benefits are.

So.... Lilith... if you're listening... You should totally do this.
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Re: Lifetime Patron Temporary fix

Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:44 pm

Well they fixed it and i bought it.
Liking the auto pillage function a lot.
Only thing is, it stops after the last one.
Would like to see , after the last one, to return to stronghold.
Now it can be parked at enemy soil and can get dueled, losing lives..

I use it this way. First i max out lives on yip ( adding energy ) then let it run.
Playing like this gives all other heroes 50% extra experience ( max ability, 1 item and a set items).
Think letting it run 2 , maybe 3 times a day keeps map clean and max experience.

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