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Old is the New New (Game issues)

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:04 pm
by Zobex
Hi everyone,

Ive been playing AoC for about a year and a half now and I have noticed some serious issues mainly to do with recent updates, not being brought into any kind of light.

1. world size
The time since Nore was a compact version of itself has been forgotten but not by me. Before the update to add some 20-30 plus castles I remember having no idea how it would work. At that time it was hard to keep players active enough after 2nd or 3rd weeks even in a stronger to defend the already established castles. With even more I remember thinking this is how AoC would die... I was wrong. Following this update I actually saw a spike in the number of people play the game and defend castles about to the same ratio as before. After a few months and on a differnt server I began to notice again that castles werent and still arent being filled. This lead to problem #2

2. Deploying Guards
When faced with lesser people Lilith has given the opportunity for anyone to sort of “create” their own teammates by adding the deploy guards option. This made it easier to defend and fill castles late game but brought up a whole new issue. Nowadays you have 10-15 guards in each city much outnumbering the actual players in them.
This is bareable At first but as the towers stick around long enough they become seeious rocks in a city. They fill up with 80 units of gold troops and thats that no one will mess with it. Not only does this make it had for and actual army to fight, but they only keep getting better once youve noticed you and your friends cant get through the 15x80 sets of gold troops that arent even players. This added with the fact that you can deploy them with full silver garrisons the day the server launches has pretty much gaurenteed no movement city-wise. This stagnation has become a real deterrent against playing the game long term.

These updates were once relevant but as there are less people signing up for new servers and especially staying I am not alone in thinking it is time for these two updates to be seriously nerfed/rolled back reducing the number of small cities and guards defending.

3. Linari Exploitation
I am not a developer so I wont presume to know the difficulties in making an even playing field. However since day one of me playing to today people are able to get linari for pennies on the dollar compared to others. Not trying to be that guy as well by saying that the people in china/other asain countries seem to have easy access to these methods of exploiting linari. This has caused a huge rift between the players mainly the expoiting vs. The non-exploiting which are usually outnumbered 99:1 but there is nothing that can be done because the 1 can beat each of the other 99 by putting nothing but heroes on the field.
My reccommendation for this is to either A. Make linari the same price to all, lowering your own profit margins to make your game worth the time you wasted building your account, resources, army, and kingdom for everyone to get smacked by 1 guy with lvl 99 jaques and rose
Bring back the English only servers like were previously instated a few months ago. I had a great experience on one of these servers where everyone was equaly, divided by the time they put in.

I dont know how you could stop the linari expoits completely... not a developer

Anyways sorry for the essay, and its spelling errors cause 0 chance im going to proof read.
Just an analysis of the three biggest issues today!

Re: Old is the New New (Game issues)

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:30 pm
by sigmablade
Guard tower is not problem before , at least not in early , mid game , all guard tower plain bad because it copy Real player castle defend , if you get guard tower 100 troop it guaranteed to get like 10 gold 20 sliver and 70 bronze , but recently buff of lich troop make everyone that know how to exploit acolytes plunder x5 compare to gold rocketeer gain shitton of rare rss , make every single player a.k.a potential guard tower as well , having shitton gold troop , in your example it was late game guard tower with 80 gold troop , now prepare to meet guard tower 100+ gold troop , server 1+ month old , and player castle probably 150+ gold troop i dunno , i given up on attack player castle already to test if that 150+ is full gold or not but yes highly 99,95% are full gold
Guard tower human/dwarf lv 22 : 250k-300k
Guard tower lich : 400-500k
Send help

Also the entired server just stuck , in whole week only 1 city taken down by teal because gorvenor of purple deflect to teal , and the only cash player able to siege whole 100+ gold troop guard tower/player castle down is in teal too

Halp Me !

Re: Old is the New New (Game issues)

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:20 am
by TerraD
Sigma dude, you need to chill with the Lich change, he didn't talk about resource gathering on the servers. You're making a big deal out of nothing.

On topic, point 2 isn't as much of a problem as it sounds. Most of the time if a tower is full of golds like that, it was left alone to grow strong enough to defend itself. Since towers copy the garrisons of players, they start of very weak, particularly in the early game, and can be torn down quickly. Getting through a Garrison tower's gold should take a commitment since it was allowed to get that strong.

Re: Old is the New New (Game issues)

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:07 pm
by sigmablade
Since topic is about issue , and OP say about it , i just add some insight of what clearly happen through out whole game rn that seem like particular no one care because lich is somehow because bad at siege and void so it perfectly fine to give it the best plunder ability rn and just from it it evolve to make guard tower even in early game , mid game have too much gold troop compare to before you guys play .
Not anywhere far , i just siege guard tower human lv 22 , and ofc it 4/5 gold troop , out of 120 troop , seem like it copy a player castle know how to exploit acolytes
A normal guard tower lv 22 on my old server before at most have 30 gold , tell you how much the rise of difficult to siege a guard tower down rn , from 1/5 ——> 4/5
Still sound like make a big deal out of nothing eh ?
It lucky that i’m play human with revive swordman ( and still die fack ton archer and siege car sliver because archer on wall decide to do some 360o no scope ) , i can’t even imagine free player dwarf and rakkan gonna do ( free player lich still allow to with skeleton buff revive and acolytes buff if objective are just plunder rss , not kill all troop on that guard tower , as long as you able to kill all troop on ground and let acolytes hit wall tower it guaranteed 1-2 time attack is all you need to plunder 1080 rss max of guard tower lv 22 )

Re: Old is the New New (Game issues)

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:43 pm
by sigmablade
Story time :
Titles : a 3rd party player somehow have 1k3 power while rest of the world average is 500k , have no fking way completely deal with lich player
What happen : this 1k3 power player like to attack back who attack his guild city , a chinese lich attack it , and like usual , he attack chinese lich castle , this make chinese lich angry , and because he is cash player also , he attack guard tower of this guild city even further more , the 1k3 power attack chinese lich castle each time with no lose ( ofc ) and only able to plunder 100 rare rss each , while lich player able to plunder 600-700 rare rss each time attack at guard tower / player castle also , since he cash player , and reason 1k3 power only able to plunder 100 rare rss clearly because Rss Protection weird way of new server
And then , 1k3 power stop , he could go further , he could even siege down this chinese lich castle to capital to stop this chinese lich stolen rss , but he not do so , and later decide to Okay for chinese lich attack guard tower of his guild sometime for rss
I think there are 2 theory for this :
1/ he clearly see this chinese lich can’t be dead for real a.k.a later chinese lich can just using skill heal HP wall to come back and plunder more , even further if 1k3 power not online
2/ he fear that this chinese lich will call for even more player in guild to join attack his guild city

In this story , chinese lich able to win because : weird protection rss , the 1k3 power only able to steal back 100 rare rss , lich ability to plunder 2/3 rare rss of guard tower ( mostly because of this ) , and so you can say a 500k+ power just win 1k3 power , not in duel , but in some weird way

Re: Old is the New New (Game issues)

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 11:22 am
by CameronConrad
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Re: Old is the New New (Game issues)

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2020 9:23 am
by ErickMost
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