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[Suggestion] Imperium Wars and more

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:16 pm
by Watipah
Imperium Wars:
Add a 5% nerf to the house which won the last even on the ground of the Imperium. Add another 5% each time they win.
This gives lower power Houses a reason to compete and fight for it.

PvP Balance:
Spiderling HP/( or max distance to their spider) needs a nerf, Rockets active should behave like Rakaan ale and not be global for all rockets, virion revive should revive less, undead most likely got overbuffed but well they can get nerfed after beeing testet more, Rakaan loan bonus seems too strong as does monk damage (I'd love rakaan siege dmg and size get both halved so they can siege aswell).

- either normal Drakes should be able to Drop Setpieces (at least with 12+ chests) OR higher rarity Drakes need HP back/their droprate increased.
- I think beeing able to combine 3 blue maps to an epic Dragon-Map would be really nice. Got about 12 blue Maps so far but no better. In 1-2 months my drake will be maxed and not having access to divine drakes makes me sad. Even if I get one finally it will most likely have bad traits, they are too rare in the long run.
- Maybe give us some way to change the Dragon but keep the old skills. Getting the Dragonrace you want + good skills seems almost impossible atm.

(- Show the opponents race and get the ability to ban one race from attacking you.)
-Show the order in which skills get used when deploying your army/defense. Either give an option to change the order/disable chosen skills or at least snapshot heroes when the defensive lineup is set (currently the army snapshots but heroes always take the current active gear and skills.)

Hero respec:
Allow 1 skillsetup/gearset. Add an 1h delay after setupswaps with 100 linari to circumvent if nessessary.

Re: [Suggestion] Imperium Wars and more

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:49 am
by TerraD
Imperium Wars: They already give a debuff to houses that have already captured the Imperium. This may not be coming into effect due to the constant maintenance on the Succession Wars.

Dragons: Normal dragon's already drop divine gear, they drop rate is MUCH lower then Legendary Dragon's, whose drop rates have been improved at some point, but they still drop Divine gear.