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suggestion : rework ninja troop of rakkan race

Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:00 am

I play rakkan race when it first come out , then I quit game , back after 3 month , replay rakkan , quit again , and back , currently longest time I have ever play it is 2 month as rakkan race , and , to be honest , MY DEEPEST HONEST , ninja completely need rework , it blank , useless , stupid AI target , the moment I ever use ninja is when put all my troop and hero in duel and siege castle there is a 3x3 hole in formation ( i'm free player so only have 9 hero , 10 if also using void coin to get that warxius something ) so I put ninja in there as a filler ( and sometime I mis-click ale it I wanna die )
let's go step by step how it so useless in each situation ( all in my opinion only ) :
1/ Duel :
NO RIGHT TIME FOR USING BOTH ACTIVE AND ALE OF NINJA : the only moment to do that is when the enemy frontline are all dead , enemy range will target my frontline troop , ninja now can tele in to finish enemy range troop real quick with no threat , or enemy vegas already out of AoE heal , that is like 0:55 of duel if enemy vegas open AoE heal first at 1:25
if I ever use it when enemy frontline still alive , or enemy Vegas still open AoE heal , there is 3 outcome happen :

+Ninja will run back to melee hit the enemy frontline and die ( for some reason , i blame AI on this , somehow they will keep attack the target they first attack even after teleport , the target not reset , so they run back to frontline to melee hit the frontline troop they attack before teleport )
+enemy range troop will quickly kill the ninja even with Ale active ( trust me on this , especially if enemy range troop are rocketeer , tank or spider ) and free morale boost for enemy
+Ninja will not die with the help of Ale , but can't do any damage either because they keep become a fking tree ( enemy attack) and any hit on enemy range troop if not instant kill , vegas will heal back to full , and when ale expired they die , Free morale boost for enemy

the only good side of ninja is it higher HP than crossbow , same damage ( at least the number of ATK ) as crossbow , and not easily morale collapse if enemy have tiadrin AoE burn HP + blackhole ( at least more than crossbow lol ) because ninja not have Light Armor
2/Siege castle :
As i mention above , i only ever put them in as filler , in siege castle , as Rakkan ( and also not borrow troop ) you need active all ale skill of troop to kill enemy on ground as fast as possible , ale and active of ninja help compltely NOTHING in this , if anything everytime I misclick active ale for them when they blend in with crossbow troop I die a little bit inside
3/Defend Castle :
Ok so , let's serious , both bronze and sliver ninja have NO passive whatsoever , only active skill and ale , so they BOTH are just like bronze archer when in wall , the WORST bronze archer eventually, and when go up to gold , they add poison in attack , wow , woww , wowww , that incredible helpful if ninja not have a slowest bullet in this game , I don't know if the poison stack or not , but if it not stack then it particular help NOTHING since all 15 ninja 1 squad attack at same target , enemy frontline if mech or monk then no poison whatsoever apply, if other humanoid or creature then if enemy not noob they can just AoE heal of vegas , or even a priest squad can do , since 15 ninja attack one target , 8 priest heal 8 target , done , lol , there is some case ninja will attack 2-3 different target at same time , but less damage on 1 target and actually AoE heal of enemy vegas can heal back all troop to full heal , no die troop ( from ninja damage or poison ) , the only good side , again , just like above , not easily morale collapse like crossbow if enemy blackhole or tiadrin AoE burn
the only thing left is Void and , it not fit whatsoever in all 3 challenge lol

So yeah , no kidding , ninja lack both offensive and defensive , one way or another , it very half-baked between offensive and defensive and simply not work out in both way , my suggestion is either increase offensive , drop defensive , or boost defensive to Top notch with current offensive maybe it archive something , have special place in someone heart , whenever someone borrow my troop , and I wanna troll , i lend ninja gold , and immediately get pm :" really ? " lol

Suggestion to increase offensive : Make poison stack , or shuriken AoE attack , or When target ninja attack die , they body explode ( anti revive of swordman ) , or apply some other debuff , like slow , like taken more damage , ninja have no passive whatsoever so whatever new for them is immediately help lol
Suggestion to increase defensive : no morale collapse , or when ale they become invincible , actually I never understand why ninja not have anti morale collapse like samurai , since ninja basically assassin , either enemy die or you die , how can they suddenly coward and run away lol , monk too
will add in more later , enemy attack

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