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Limit Deployed Heroes

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:34 am
by Onibaku
I propose that we should limit the amount of heroes that can be deployed in a battle to 8 or 10. I'll give my reasons for this:

1. 8 heroes will give a maximum of 16 (17 with Avalon and no Bane) troops allowed to be deployed. For all practical purposes, this is plenty. I know you can deploy up to 18 troops if they are all 3x3 sized, but a full army of spiders, tanks, or anything else this size is not useful in any situation unless you use all tanks for a siege. Point being is, that 8 heroes will support 99% of troop setups that are used.

2. 8 heroes will allow ALL players, even those that don't pay, to have some sort of a chance in the endgame to be useful and able to have somewhat equal footing. Once you have 8 heroes, you can build them up the best you can.

3. This will remove the OVERLY used tactics of flooding a fight with all of your heroes to make sure that you get your 30% bonuses (which is too much anyway, imo). By removing this tactic, you will have a much more reasonable spread of power and the bonuses will be much more in line with how I think it was intended.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I think, having only 8 heroes would promote players to use more troops, which comes with more strategy, as well as find a reason to use super units and dragons in the fight. With everyone (on my server at least) using like, 16 heroes or whatever, the only tactic is to put 2 or 3 lines of troops in the front, load the back with heroes, then pray you have better hero stats than the other guy. Also, you would take in only the heroes that you feel would be useful in the fight with their abilities. For example, I've seen people putting might gear on mages, just so they can boost their might and get the 30% attack bonus because they know that they won't be using those abilities in the fight. With only 8 heroes, you would want to play towards the strengths of your heroes because you will be much more likely to use all of your abilities.

I hope I've made a good enough argument for this. On a side note, even limiting to 10 heroes would be good.

Lastly, one negative about this that might come up, is everyone using the same 8 heroes. I don't really think this is too much of a case, but that would be something that the devs would need to work on balancing.

Re: Limit Deployed Heroes

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:05 am
by Destination
1. Has been suggested already a few times. I will talk with them about it again.

2. It will certainly help in that regard yes.

3. there will be new overused strategys. And because you place more troops it means that you will have to fight with borrowed troops again with is pretty annoying.

4.No way people will ever use super units. Dragons should be pretty good though.
I agree that the stat bonus makes pvp pretty boring.

(5). i think heros are decently balanced(obviously jacques is op and rufio kinda pointless, but all heros kind of have their own niche) and there would be possibilty for different heros in the 8 you deploy.

Re: Limit Deployed Heroes

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:36 am
by Onibaku
1. Thanks

2. Anytime you can give at least a little chance to the little guys is a way to get people to play the game. No chance means people will leave.

3. Fighting with borrowed troops does have it's tactical use. This will also bring in more tactics. It might be annoying, but shouldn't we be using teamwork anyway?

4. If people won't use super units, then they are either unbalanced, or not thought out enough. Maybe they should be updated. I think they are actually pretty good, they just use too much space. As for dragons, right now they are pretty useless. Also, they won't be leveled up anytime soon, even if you're buying all of the dragonglass from the store. I'm not even sure that the whales will buy 2 Dragonglass for 120 Linari when it takes 5 (right now) to give the dragon 500 xp.

5. I agree with the hero balancing in the general sense. Where it isn't balanced is when there are 16 heroes on the battlefield and you've only gotten maybe 10. Then you know you're going to lose the stat fight, and that 30% can easily make a slightly more powerful person much much more powerful.

Thanks for the replies

Re: Limit Deployed Heroes

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:36 pm
by Destination
3. It is more a personal thing, i like to be able to do everything myself.
Maybe there is strategy in what kind of troops you borrow, but in the end it really only shows who had more people to borrow from that time.

4. super units do indeed need to be changed to make them usable.
I really think Dragons are gonna do a good job once they are at a decent lvl. Lvl 15 ones obviously dont do the job.