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Re: Ranged AI targeting from walls is trash

Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:09 am

@Chillblaze i am dwarf 50% of the time, i think noone spends more honor to racechange :-/

You are right at the point with accolytes, in this case they do a great job, so they arnt that useless with my ~130 research. But if i dont would have lvl 15 Mages i would use Mummies to counter virions rezz a bit.

But that i dont siege as lich is a false guess. I siege nearly every day, and in the case you plunder less then other races - Spiders are very cost intense and have an buildtime of 20+ hours - it hurts more then when i loose randomly a squad rockets (20% of them...) or an catapult.
I would love to raid with accolytes, but if there are saints on the wall your accolytes get intant killed.
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Re: Ranged AI targeting from walls is trash

Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:25 pm

Then we all loose money from this ... It was added as a "feature" and I understand the need for artificial differences. Like Sargon said it won't be much of an issue if game wasn't built entirely to leech credit cards. I pay just as anyone else and it doesn't make sense if expensive troops I paid for get randomly removed... and there is no control whatsoever. This thing happens even before first skill loads... This only makes sense if you wan't to extort a gamer for more cash. Only little ugly asian from Shanghai can think we wont notice this bulshit...
I am not sure where Sargon saw anything great here except plagiarized heroes 3 concept. Void came after coc base builder so they plagiarized that too... Heroes 3 was great game for its time but this here is nowhere close. Just another p2w junk like hundreds of base builders with no other strategy element except how much you spend.

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