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Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:10 pm

Speaking with many other players on my server, even after merge, we all face a common problem. Game crashes. I am so frustrated this problem happens to so many people and i cannot find a relative post here.

This is a very big barrier to enjoy the game! If you siege and crash, you miss resurrection ability. If you PvP and you cant use ability, best case scenario if you have better stats is to lose for good your troops and even friendly borrows!

Recently i switched to Rakan and battles appear to be more heavy. It may crash on 1/4 of battle (huge problem), 2/4 of battle (very bad), or 3/4 of battle (which is not a catastrophe as the battle is quite defined)
Many people like me, also face this problem during Replays of huge battles.

Initial reply from support was to uninstall and reinstall game. But this forces all chats lost, and worse, just improves situation for 3-4 days.

My device is an iphone 6 plus.
I found many workarounds that appeared to improve situation but not correcting at all.
Every time before i start the game, i close ALL apps and clean phone cashe.
I disabled phone transparency and visual features, closed location services, close app refresh and other stuff that significantly boosted phone performance but still app looks too heavy.

Please anyone has any workaround on this? I am currently waiting support to reply
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