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A few ideas

Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:01 pm

I'll share a few ideas I have here and will update further when I have new ones. Please reply with opinions you may have about these topics. I am extremely interested in conversation or debate about these topics.

A simple one that won't change game play much would be the units Thane having a bronze and gold version as well as a research tree being unlocked with the skill recruit beserkers from Bane.

Another idea is a major issue in this game, people not having enough energy to do much of anything. Raising the base energy of heros even by 10 maybe even 20 would help the game flow a little better. Wouldn't have people sitting around doing a lot of nothing until the energy refills. Helps the severs not feel so dead.

Another issue is with certain items being harder to come by such as alchemy stones. For the price you have to buy to make the items alchemy stones should be easier to obtain. I find myself rarely being able to craft items because of either over priced crafting amounts or just not enough alchemy stones. Another is the newer stones with the statues. I know it's new and will probably find ways to make better circulation as the game goes further into creation but sooner would be better than later.

Another extremely important idea that needs to be implemented is some sort of filter on the map and in quest log. Map filter being for the icons. Being able to sort through and turn on or off specific ones depending on what you are looking for so the map is not cluttered. Examples kingdom - all / resource - mithril. And then only mithril recources would show up on the map. Or another kingdom - hyral / troop recruitment. And then only those buildings would show up for that kingdom. Same deal for the quests. It's just an easy way to filter exactly which ones you are looking for so you don't open it and see 100 different ones.

An interesting idea I had would probably need to be tested on a new server. Each kingdom is a different race. You pick a kingdom on server join based off the race you want. Athaly for Rakkan, Dunwulf for dwarves, Neferak for Lich, Hyral for humans. Etc etc would be an interesting twist on an already good game. This would also help with the already existing land bonuses for each race while at the same time prevent everyone from just always going human. You don't see many people picking different races. This would be a good way to mix it up.

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