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[Suggestion] Cart Mechanics (Cat & Mouse)

Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:21 am

I appreciate the recent cart changes in related to 0 energy. But it's still too easy for them to rob carts. Anyways, here are my suggestions to improve the "Cat and Mouse" game in AoC.

While it's too easy for the enemy to sneak in and out of the territory because you've created a map where there are holes everywhere, it's very difficult for the Cat to catch the Mouse after two clicks of robbing it. You have no idea where the robbers went, to improve this, we should be able to see the robbers(after robbing) from the map while they're inside our territory. (This will make captured territories slightly more meaningful)

To further provide more thrill to the robbing mechanics, people are able to recover the lost Honor/Resources if they surrender/defeated inside the territory. They must take it outside the robbed territory to actually "bag-in" the resources they robbed from the players.

This could work for all players, and it can have no power limit on the Cat to help other kingdom members from getting robbed. Since you've given us tons of heroes in-game. Energy shouldn't be a problem. Meaning, they would have done all their quest before they actually waste it on robbing.

Now people might complain that robbing would be very difficult. Well, it's been very difficult to actually catch them nowadays. I'm not sure if it's just me that's lagging when I select a player, he's already out of my screen. Or the auto-pathing attack button doesn't actually catch a moving player compare to older patches which is much more smoother.

Lastly, I believe this will provide more interaction to the cart robbing (cat & mouse game)mechanics. Rather than plainly robbing the players and unable to retaliate or even recover the resources. As for the actual mechanics of this, feel free to discuss any changes you may want for this idea. Like robber's map appearance should only be for the robbed players, etc. There are no changes in speed and people can still recall.
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Re: [Suggestion] Cart Mechanics (Cat & Mouse)

Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:03 am

I like that idea. So its mean if you robe someone wagon on your territory (sometimes path go to enemy) you dont need to worry about anything. I would like Lilith to fix one other problem, when you defending your Wagon and fight with enemy who wantet to rob you, another player can rob your wagoon like it was unprotected.

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