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Defense Improvement - Suggestion

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:58 am
by Mithica
Hello, I would like to suggest an addition/improvement of the defense system in the game.

This is somewhat of a far-fetched suggestion. What about an option in-game castle menu(when you click on a castle from city window) which would allow you to contribute 2 sets of units to a defender being attacked(mid battle, not just like defending that player). This will work in such a way, that units contributed using this option would enter midbattle from the sides or the battlefield or from the defender's gates(or even from the back of the battlefield, possibly to powerful) and supplement the defense. This option will only be available to House members but not an option for the player being attacked. I think that this might be a great tool in defending friendly territory and a huge boost to teamwork and effectiveness.thats

Attached to this post are pictures of possible entries on one of the maps, but from what I've seen this can be incorporated on any of the terrains...

I would love to hear a lilith representative's opinion on the possibility of this being implemented.

PS: You can even be able to pay gold to use different entrances in battle. Say 2,000 gold to defend trough gates, 5,000 to enter trough the side, or even 10-20,000 gold to enter from the rear... Paying for the option with resources would be a good way to make sure the option is not too strong and/or being abused.


Edit: Since the forum has trouble displaying the pictures, here is the URL for them.

Re: Defense Improvement - Suggestion

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:49 am
by Shu
Interrupting mid battle is op. No.