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Merge ideas

Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:57 am

castle 1-5 should be on its own server that all 1-5's join.. continue this process to combine all the players together. To continue your castle progression u need to move to the nxt server. Have open worlds that all can join and other worlds for special events etc.

balances the power issue with merges atm ..
puts current power lvls into a similar power environment
npc's on the server can be scaled to suite the current power lvls
allows constant healthy progression finally reaching end game server
removes the bully aspect limiting power for each server
All get a turn at being the power on the server before moving onto the nxt tier
groups the community into about 10 servers based off current max lvl, giving alot more player interaction

This would actually be a sustainable model which would allow them to continue to increase the max lvl as the endgame server fills up, while stil providing safe, yet exciting, early game areas for ppl to explore and conquer.
The house system would need a revamp as there would be issues using current system.
Servers with so many players would need to be lag free , but instead of running 1000's of small 1's they only need afew large 1's...

The way the current merger system is toted to take place with deathmatch style, handpicked server battles. i just cant see the longevity of those decisions..
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Re: Merge ideas

Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:25 pm

Balance is key in this update. If they mess this up most of their player base will quit. My idea would be having limits for the first 3 months.

1. Disable Research bonus's (people can still research) on Lvl 11 + 12 academy. For the first month after each month unlock one..
2. Limit troop levels to lvl 10 after the merge. After a month up it by one.

- Any troops which die during this time that where above Lvl 10 will return the resources needed to upgrade those troops to the level they were before.
- Garrison troops will be deployed at Lvl 10 too but can still be upgraded to Level 11,12,13.

3. Give servers which are grouped up the same timescale.

If server 50 is two days ahead of 51 and threed days ahead of 52. Server 51 should get 2 days of tech and building rush. Server 52 should get 3 days and so on.

This would be like limiting the game to level 30 for a little while to give people time to catch up and even out the servers then having the top players just come over and steam roll everyone till no one is left.

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