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Issues I have with AoC and suggestions

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:44 am
by Strife
I have played this game now for 2.5 months. I still learn stuff until this day. Only 1.5 months ago I discovered that there is a "requirement" to attack a castle. And that it is smarter to attack castles with bronze troops if you can to clear out the other players garrison. While of course silver and gold troops work too, it is pretty stupid to do so against a player who has filled up his garrison and/or is defended. This is an example. Below I will write down everything I can come up with that a new player should be able to find and made understood the way the game is played best.

There is no real tutorial. The only tutorial is how to set up your army and use an ability. The FAQ the game offers no one seems to read. As such the worldchat/Kingdom chat is filled with stupid questions. Examples of these questions:
1. what race is best? The game does not explain what each race strenghts are. You seem to have to figure this out for yourself.
2. which hero should I pick? Avalon is clearly the best starting hero, clearly. Rufio is really underwhelming unless fully pumped out in all kinds of gear and points. Avril is great as she can wipe archers and other ranged off the map quickly.
3. how do I become governer? This is perhaps the most asked question. Perhaps the reason why it is asked, is because everyone wants an archangel right? It is an extra unit that almost no one seems to be able to get. MY SUGGESTION: provide anyone who earned the rank of Duke via honor, to have an ANGEL. So then we have an Angel, Archangel and Seraph. Everyone gets a unit, everyone happy. Tactically it is very nice to have such an extra unit. It feels damn unfair to some that they cannot get it because their house slots are full already. Or they are in a kingdom too weak to provide them with a city to rule. Besides that, a server starts with hundreds of players. There are no hundreds of cities. So... there ya go.
4. How do I stop getting raided?
This should be included in the FAQ. Right now everyone that is inexperienced will just feel as if putting armies in their garrison is a waste of resources. And if they actually want to put armies in their garrison, it will be bronze and any units that they received via the mithril chest/wishing well/other spwnpoints on the map. MY SUGGESTION: They should be made aware that when they first open their garrison, there should be tips stored there. But also the reason why.
Bronze troops are basically a waste of time or a filler to "make it seem" as that player has a lot of units in their garrison while the bulk is silver and gold.
5. I see people escorting carts but there is no cart to be seen? It seems that your castle level is acting as a limit to what others see. So if you are level 5 a player that is level 10 won't see your cart.

IMPORTANT: Those TIPS during the loading screen are pointless. My phone and computer as so fast that loading screens are instant. I cannot even read the tips.

Requirements to attack castles should be explained better. Sure one can attack a castle with silver and gold, chances are that this is a huge waste of resources for the attacker.

How to effectively use a hero should be written on the description of that hero. Vega's ultimate ability should be explained when this is good to use (as the first or second ability used in a battle).

Carts are going directions that is not the most efficient way to move to my castle.
1. they move through enemy territory, while the safer way would be moving through my colours territory. So if the quicker way is through enemy territory, have the game ask if they should move through the safer way via their own colour or the fastest way.
2. the carts stay on the road. This is very frustrating. Moving through area's your character is able to move through should also be where the carts go. It litterally saves minutes. Even more annoying is that they seem to go to the first city that is closest to it, even if they need to go out of their way to get there. So in a straight line the cart is right. But if you look at how much distance via roads this would be, it is much longer.

When moving your character across the map it takes the roads instead of the most efficient way. Your character makes V shaped directions, when it could have just as easily just moved in a straight line. This is very annoying if you chase someone.

Autoshielding: Because some servers are dead-ish, some people get some "farm alts". Their mains raid their alts for resources. This is perhaps not the way the game should be played but if you have no other options.... Quitting is not an option atleast. Using the free shield a player has, should be enough to use auto shield. Players who are not very strong still have the one shield everyone else has, but they do not need to be online for it to be used. Players who want to farm their farm alts, can aswell. They just turn on their auto shield and attack later during the cooldown. Everyone happy.

The time it takes to have your army back after they are sent to the hospital is way too long. The thing is.... it is (certainly at the start) stupid to upgrade your hospital. It is currently equally stupid to increase your garrison walls. You could argue that one cannot have it all of course. And I agree with that. It is just that the game as it is now punishes you for not playing optimal. If you do not play optimal, you will be food for others. Upgrading your hospital is not something you want to be doing right now. So this needs to change to become included in getting a better hospital. Perhaps the "points required" before upgrading your castle, should be higher? Perhaps you cannot go higher unless you have built every building in your castle and remove those happiness points altogether? Otherwise a day of hospital is bad enough.

Defending a lower level castle should reward the defending player with something. Right now it is unwise to defend a lower level player. As the defending player is getting his units out with a much lower point requirement. If you are castle 25 and have a requirement of (example) 5000 and the player you are defending is level 20 and has a requirement of 4000, your troops will be more easily drawn out and then when your troops are in the hospital, players can freely attack your base if determined to do so as it is easier to get to 4000 then to 5000.
MY SUGGESTION: troops that defend other players should never go into the hospital. They should be benched for the player that is defended for a certain period. So those units can still be used for your own castle. Or those troops you sent out to defend have a higher power then they actually have or less chance to go to the hospital then when you would normally. The problem currently is the incentive to protect lower level players. Lower level players should be "nurtured" by higher level ones. They provide longevity of the server. Players who start late, can be protected this way.

Jacques should be nerfed hard. A hero should never hit harder then the hardest hitting unit a player has. So if I have maxed out horses for research and those horses are gold level X, Jacques or any other hero should never be able to hit harder then that golden unit. During a battle heroes should be able to spike in damage, but the overal damage should be equal or lower then a golden maxed out unit.

I require a chat function to invite other players to. Let's say that I have an alliance with my house/colour with another house/colour. Communicating is very hard right now. Alliances are broken faster then they are made. So communication should be relatively easy. This means that I as a lord of a house, should have the option to invite to a chat several players from different colours to communicate in that chat. Or perhaps I want to just invite friends of different coloours. Who knows... we may all want to keep in touch after everyone went to a different colour.
WORLD CHAT is not an option. As everyone sees it and misinformation is spread rampantly. People with multiple accounts are spying for their house/colour. So let us make our own channels whom the owner can invite anyone he likes.

I know Art of Conquest is somewhat of a waiting game. But the energy and mana depletion is rather annoying. Sure you showered us recently with energy pots. Great.. But when I start a new account, I will never have that many pots. So people are conserving their mana/energy. This means that everyone goes slooooooow. Waiting for an upgrade is already really slow. And in all honesty, waiting for more then 5 days is way too much. And honestly who the fuck buys any speed ups with with real currency unless the top less then 1% players? So nevermind those. I doubt Lilith gets their most funding from speedups. They make their money with patron and the single cheapest hero.

That makes me come to prices. I am work at a bank. Have a good paying job and no kids (yet), I would be able to spend a lot of money on this game. Seriously I could do that and actually would like to aswell. Especially concerning a few heroes and perhaps for linari to buy a specific item that eludes me. But the prices are rediculous. I understand that you do not have to buy anything. Sofar I only gotten patron and elena. Hardly wallet emptying. But I would like to buy some resources too when I would require it. You know... when you go to bed and see that you are only 30 wood off the next upgrade... You feel like shit that you are wasting your sleeping hours while nothing in your castle is happening. So I would like to buy more wood for a simple price. And 200 linari for 10.000 wood (so 600 linari for 30k) is just too damn expensive. Atleast when you see the prices when you buy linari. Not to mention the heroes. The absurd pricing of those "hero packages". And it is not even a good deal anyway. Why the fuck would I want blue gear for my character when my entire inventory is purple or better? The other day I even saw a Rufio bundle where he would get a magic card, when he does not even need magic. So I would be paying for useless crap. Just give us access to the heroes for 10 euro/dollars without any gear or cards. Or sure give us the option to also include gear and cards.... but make it worth it? Blue non ability gear is pointless.

This looks like a long rant. I know, I am sorry. I am very much enjoying the game right now. But I know that if I started late or perhaps did not dedicate as much time to my current character... I would not be very happy at all. With my suggestions I hope that Lilith will do something or atleast THINK about changes (even if not mine).

The game is full potential. It is just sad to see realms dying off just because it starts out with players not being informed enough. So every player begins with knowing nothing... badgering other players for information... then starting over on another server and doing better. Then you have "whales" that are so strong that you cannot even attack their castle. Just because they bought all the speedups and resources from day one. (the less then 1%) I don't mind playing buying stuff to have an advantage... but when it becomes impossible to retaliate even at the risk (certainty) for heavy losses, there is something wrong.

Re: Issues I have with AoC and suggestions

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 9:17 pm
by beckham292
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Re: Issues I have with AoC and suggestions

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 7:40 am
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Re: Issues I have with AoC and suggestions

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 8:41 am
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Re: Issues I have with AoC and suggestions

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Re: Issues I have with AoC and suggestions

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