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Wrong shop convertion prices

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:25 pm
by Correoso
I live in Europe, such as my currency is €. Currently the euro is quoted more than the dollar, I do not understand why when I try to make a purchase in the store, there is a price inflation.

For example if you want to buy diamonds in 1600 - US $19.99 currently worth €17.8044979.
What is not the case , since I is charged by the google play €22.45...
Would understand it to charge more or 1 to 2 € for transactions but € 4.65 I think it's abusive...

And if we see the purchase of $99.99 charge me €112.26 ie an inflation € 23.21 ...
Incomprehensible ,is that it is not a fixed ratet quoted.

This is the normal conversion rates , or just some error conversions?