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Return to AoC

Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:55 pm

Hi all :)

I have played AoC for several months until I had to focus more on some real life commitments.

I stopped playing I believe around January this year, the last thing I remember that there was an event regarding some new equipment like Teutonic Axe or something like that. After trying several games (un)fortunately, I could not find the one that suits me as much as AoC. During the time I played, I was lvl 36 Lich and was in top 10 players in a very active server ( before server merge). As a freemium ( patron+subscriber +1 paid hero) I compensated the gap between myself and other paid users/whales through activity and knowledge.

And as the title says now I'm planning to return to AoC to give it another go and I see there are a lot of things that remained same but also a lot of new things which makes me question starting with "outdated" knowledge. So I am creating this post so that some veterans that are still going strong refresh my knowledge through few questions.

How viable is my knowledge after several months of inactivity?

Status of the races - are "old" roles still viable example : lich best duel, dwarf strongest siege etc.

Heroes - are chest events still happening, is Jaq finally in the rotation (and is he still OP as hell), rework on heroes, new strategies etc.?

Dragons - I saw that we now have dragons (yeeey!) how crucial are they in your gameplay

New PVE content - by the time i quit there was only void and periodic events, are there any new?

New PVP content - same as with pve, is sieging, capturing, dueling still the same

City building - do same strategies still apply such as rushing castle lvls, garrisoning golds as soon as possible etc.

Well ,thats just on top of my mind feel free to answer some things that arent on the list, and tnx in advance :)
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Re: Return to AoC

Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:02 pm

So I am not a veteran playing only for a month but will try to help what I learned in this month.

1) Not much changed on this lich is great pvp, Dwarf siege, Human in the middle of all and Rakkan is great in pve and void.
2) Jaq is not in the rotation only way to get him is to get lucky and seem him for 10$ In the month that I played did not have an event with heroes chest. For strategies can't really help still trying to learn.
3) Dragons can be really OP later in the game you can get army buffs from them and they can really help to get better faster also the new update made it that you can at least have 2 dragons or 5 max if you have a high enough valor lvl.
4) Void, dungeons, Events and now we also have Hero trails .
5) Not that I know sorry!
6) Yeah, this did not change at all best option is get castle as high as you can as fast as you can and just push gold garrison out as fast as you can.
7) An artifact weapon was added that you can lvl.

I know this does not help much but maybe it helps a bit.
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Re: Return to AoC

Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:32 pm

Yea ofc it helps and thank you for taking the time to respond. I know most of the "data" could be obtained within week of playing due to my old knowledge, but if i make wrong moves its honestly close to lost time, and in this "wale game" every day counts.
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Re: Return to AoC

Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:22 am

Acolytes now plunder higher than Dwarf , so if you need to plunder rss then lich is better choice , 10k rare rss each in week 2 is not a dream for free player anymore if play on new server
dragon is bullshit , it enable lich frontline to not die fast in early game so you did expect lich to completely owning in early and mid game , NEARLY EVERYTHING except void mirror and Siege castle ( as in " completely not die 1 single troop " like human swordman with their revive , dwarf rocketeer gold kill fast so no mech die )
All linari have to use on open hero chest , using linari to buy 30m speed up at start is completely outdated , eventually it natural consider less hero = less ability and stats = lose in multi battlefield , so yep until you get all hero in hero chest don't use it randomly like remove white flag and such ( as you say you are free player )
about duel , just like I say above , lich is strongest , their anti troop a.k.a Monk is completely not tanky enough even at rank X consider they also can morale collapse because gazul +% morale collapse is totally OP , their scorpion get buff shield -50% damage in 12 sec , new hero have -%ATk and %ATK speed to small troop too , nearly everything recently in patch either buff or in-direct buff for lich race you have to wonder what the heck is happening
tl;dr in early , mid game till even rank X honesty lich is probably the most OP , next is dwarf , next is human , and worst is rakkan , in fact if you choose rakkan and build gold monk you still probably not happy because your guildmate spam you need Turtle gold to let them borrow . also human not happy too because lich is dominating , ofc their gold swordman is trash even if you have 4 and crash at guard tower and revive them , because of acolytes buff make it plunder x3 compare to gold rocketeer , a human player will have 0 die but have to hit guard tower probably 8 time to steal all rare rss inside that guard tower , while lich is just 5 skeleton sliver 5 acolytes gold 2 mummy and go 1 hit steal everything , aye gazul have new passive make Skeleton out of Skeleton so now skeleton is indeed fking tank
also IF the guard tower copy the castle player that know how to abuse it , you will expect it have at least 50+ gold troop , and if lich guard tower probably 100+ gold troop + mummy to make your revive swordman look like a joke , so even if you can revive swordman , there is high chance the archer on wall ( ofc gold ) decide to fking 360o no scope your siege car ( since the fight on ground is too long with full gold so archer on wall feel bored I guess )

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