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Re: If you plan to play as human on new server

Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:39 pm

My original topic is about when play as human rn in new server compare to lich , and if you really replay on new server as human compare to lich rn you will Feel it
Even as siege castle in new server compare to lich you can totally feel it , 4 swordman gold and woololo you can siege without dead even one troop and all , but need multi hit to fully plunder all rss in it , meanwhile lich may lose skeleton forever and all but in just 2 hit it enough to steal all rss in that guard tower and that is something dwarf need later game to do while lich can do at rank VII
And ofc lich have too many rss that lose a whole squad of skeleton doesn’t matter , you can get it free too , all lich player castle now have 30k rare rss , while dwarf sitting at 10k and all ( unless that dwarf betray and using acolytes instead )

And actually we already have to siege a castle full gold already , due to the fact anyone know how to abuse acolytes x3 damage to wall compare to gold rocketeer , so they have full gold troop , i even dislike the fact that i have full gold troop right now because i have to upgrade wall castle while i want to upgrade castle level , because if i’m not upgrade castle wall then wall will not have slot to throw gold troop in and stack too many rare rss , may lure that certain 3rd party player to attack my castle ( how rank IX can win XII lul )

And also the change alllow you to switch race even have building and resreach going on Already a clear hint that is lich race player can change race whenever want to siege or void challenge , the honor to switch is super low early level , it is the fact that damage of acolytes rank VII sliver equal rank V siege car on wall , so you only need to bring full acolytes to attack a castle 0 troop and you still gain a shitload of honor for swich race and still have enough honor to spin black market for blue stone transmute

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