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Optimal Results Lich Player Guide

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Optimal Results Lich Player Guide

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Tired of looking in the mirror and not being satisfied with what you see? Well, then maybe it is time try out the lich way. The lich way renounces all that is beautiful, and instead rejoices and celebrates the ghastly and the horrifying things in life. And, in a much more real sense, liches are insane duelers, decent wall breakers, excellent plunderers, and terrible timed challengers. The lich is not easy to play as a free-to-play player, the lich requires your wallet for buying key heroes. If the lich way sounds like your way, then this guide could help you look in the mirror and feel more satisfied with your dark and deadly demeanor.



I have been playing Lich for a while now on a server, level 31 currently, and decided I want to make a guide for lich. I am by far not the strongest player on my realm, nor am I even the strongest lich player on my realm, but nonetheless I am able to clear guard towers on my own, compete in events, duel when needed, and make it decently far through the void. I spend a lot of time researching the game by watching streams, watching youtube videos, and reading other guides. Also, a lot of the players who are stronger than me on my server have given me a lot of advice on how they got as strong as they were.

A lot of these ideas come from watching Kripparian's streams, from players on my server who also play Lich, as well as a few ideas of my own. I did not play exactly in the way I am about to outline, in fact I have made many blunders while playing lich, but I have done many peices of this strategy, peices I have not done others have done, so it should all work in theory. If anyone has any advice or peices to add I am always wanting to know more tricks about the lich race and I can try to update this guide.

The Early Game (Castle Level 1 - 20ish)

Starting Race: Dwarf -"What!?" you might question, "Isn't this supposed to be a guide for Lich players?" Sadly, lich is just so terrible at the early game that it is just not feasable to play as a lich at the early stages. Dwarves, on the other hand, are insane at the early game. You can speed through the void and dominate in seiging early on. Also, if you build your wall correctly there is a nice conversion trick you can do for switching from dwarf to lich later on.

First Hero Pick: Avalon. You get Avril who can help you tremendously in the early game, and Avalon is super important with his war horn ability and army cap ultimate ability. Also, his summon archers is not bad.

Buying Heroes: Elena> Jacques > Rose > Tiadrin > Cleo > Bane > Yip > Denji > Valari > Gafgar - Although you don't use her much in the early game, Elena is the most important hero to buy for lich. If you can get more than 1 hero then Jacques would be the next best one to get, in fact you could get Jacques first and not get Elena till the mid game stage, so long as you eventually get Elena. Rose is super powerful with her spider buff, and just being a powerful hero otherwise on her own. Tiadrin's divine light heal is invaluable during seiging and PVPing, keeping key heroes alive, while her aura of retribution does amazing things against swarm minions.

Equipment/XP for heroes: Jacques > Tiadrin > Avalon > Avril > Rose > Bane > Cleo > Elena > Vega > Grimms > Gazul > Mako > Yip > Denji > Virion > Valari > Gafgar > Rufio - Heroes above Elena in this prioriy list do amazing things when you give them levels early on. Avalon does not do much in battle but he does give you extra bronze cap with his ultimate. Heroes below Cleo on this list are not used much until mid/late game or are just not great in general for lich.

Might Cards for heroes: Jacques > Bane, save rest for Mako if you want him, otherwise Denji/Virion/Tiadrin

Stamina Cards for heroes: Jacques > Tiadrin > Rose > Bane > Elena - Although bane is relatively low on this list you might feed him a few stamina cards, so that with his ultimate you can use him to craft some early bronze/pink items.

Magic Cards for heroes: Tiadrin > Vega > Cleo > Rose, save rest for Gan - Rose might not need magic either, depending on how you want to build her. She can just be a command monger, or you can have her do lots of basic attack damage, or both. Although you will not use Vega much in the early game you want her with lots of magic for the mid/late game for her ultimate ability.

Command Cards for heroes: Rose > Elena > Avalon, save rest for Gan.

Ablility Cards for heroes: Elena > Rose > Jacques > Avalon - Elena will want to max her ult, max saving lives, a few points in stragetic retreat, and as many points in her ready and willing ability. Rose wants her spider master, and then it depends on how you want to build her. The only ability I would not recommend for her is the spiderling explosion one, that one does not do much. Jacques just needs 1 teir in his ultimate, max firestorm, max expanded capacity, and then you can do a few more in his other damaging abilities if you want. Avalon needs to max his ult, and then as much points as you want in his war horn and summon archers.

Research Priorities: Bombardiers > Snipers > Tanks > Mechs > Seige - You might start with maxing research in mechs, but over all the research will not be very important once you switch to lich. Start research on campus tiles when you can.

Build Priorities: Stronghold > Academy > Recruitment Center > Bombardiers Building > Snipers Building > Seige Building > Mechs Building > Wall > Hospital > Warehouse - You will want 1 level in the tank building, perhaps a few more if you really need to spend blood diamonds. A few levels in a warehouse can go a long way in protecting resources and dettering attacks. You might note that I do not list any of the basic resource producing buildings, that is because I do not think you ever need to upgrade them. With the void, guard towers, events, and daily quest system you should never have any issues with getting enough basic resources, and it is just better to upgrade the other buildings. Start building on bedrock tiles when you can.

Main Army: Gold bombardiers, silver snipers, silver mechs, silver siege - you might start with gold mechs due to their tremendous power, but in the later early game switch to gold bombardiers since gold mechs only convert to gold mummies when going to lich.

Mithril for Garrison: Gold mechs - You do not need many, just enough for a solid frontline. Feel free to spend your mithril on siege as well.

Crystals for Garrison: Gold Bombardiers. Not the best defenders, but not the worst, and they convert to gold scorpions when switching to lich.

Blood Diamonds for Garrison: 3-6 gold snipers, the rest in lvl 1 gold tanks - It is important that you do not lvl up your tank building past lvl 1 unless you are out of room in garrison and need to spend your blood diamonds on leveling up your tanks. These tanks will become spiders when you switch to lich, but until then you do not want them to fight as they are mech units as tanks and will not fall injured but die forever. Also, it is much easier to upgrade units rather than train new ones, so spreading out your blood diamonds in lots of low level tanks is good for the long game.

Dueling: If you got Jacques, great, duel to your hearts content with bronze mechs. If not, run for your life when you see that duel challenge.

Wall Breaking: If you got Jacques, great, seige to your hearts content with bronze mechs. If not, you can seige low level castles using your full gold/ silver army, but it is best to be careful and just try to leech off of your teamates if they let you and stick to plundering.

Plundering: Once a wall has few to zero defenders, you can start to plunder it. Use your bombardiers/blasters.

Not getting attacked: You will want to make sure your garrison is not attacked much or you will lose all your tanks and mech units. Make sure you do not sit around on lots of resources, if you do not have much resources to be plundered people are less likely to attack you. See if you can get a defend buddy or join a defense chain, this also makes it less enticing for you to be attacked and helps out in the case that you are attacked.

The Void: Go as far as you can while being dwarf, and try to complete all the timed challenges you can. Once you switch to lich timed challenges will become your worst nightmare, so best to complete those with dwarf units while you can. Generally you will want to always spend your adamantium on experience cards or buying heroes. Gan is the most important hero to get from the void, but you do not need him until you switch to lich.

[u]The Mid Game (Castle Level 20ish - 32ish)[/u]

The Conversion: It is time to switch to lich! Once in the mid-game lich starts to do a lot better, and for long term purposes it really is about time to switch to lich. Once you switch to lich convert all your bombardiers into scorpions, a few mechs in your main army convert to mummies, and all those low level tanks can be converted into spiders. Keep your seige as dwarf, as cannons in combination with Grimm's abilites will do far more damage than lich seige, even without research.

Buying Heroes: If you havn't already gotten Elena now is the time to get her.

Equipment/XP for heroes: Jacques > Elena > Rose > Vega > Gan > Bane > Tiadrin > Cleo > Avalon > Mako > Gazul > Grimms > Yip > Denji > Virion > Avril > Valari > Gafgar > Rufio - There are a few huge differences in prioritizing heroes at this stage of the game. Elena and Vega jump up near the top of the list while Avril falls back. Elena being higher up than Gan is because her ultimate effectivly grants more HP to the front line than Gans ultimate does, which is super effective for seiging and taking no casualities in the void. Elena needs lots of levels for ability points, health points, and max ablility caps.

Research Priorities: Spiders > Scorpions > Acolytes > Mummies > Seige - Spiders will be your best friend as lich, followed by scorpions. Acoylytes want garrison research as they are the best units to have shooting down from the wall for lich.

Build Priorities: Pyramid > Academy > Sepulcher > Nest > Cave > Shrine > Sanctuary > Tomb > Wall > Hospital - The first thing you will want to do after switching to lich is leveling up your nest to upgrade your spiders. After that, keep focusing on leveling up your pyramid as quickly as possible, it gives you more resources per day from dungeons and unlocks higher tier units. Start building on bedrock tiles when you can.

Main Army: Gold Spiders, Silver Scorpions, 1-2 silver mummies, silver siege, and ressurected silver acolytes. There is no need to spend resources on making silver acolytes, you can get them by using your mummies during PVE events, clearing daily dungeons, or seiging garrisons. Some lich players do like to go with gold scorpions instead of gold spiders, which is a viable option. However, gold spiders are generally more useful, thanks to their slowing attack and spiderling summoning.

Mithril for Garrison: Gold Scorpions, and a few gold acolytes. Ideally 20% of your wall is acolytes and 40% are scorpions, although more realistically your scorpions will only be 30% due to a large amount of spiders and sharing mithril spendage with acolytes.

Crystals for Garrison: Gold Spiders. Spiders will probably end up making up about 50% of your garrison due to both crystals and blood diamonds feeding into them, which is alright since they are very good wall defenders.

Blood Diamonds for Garrison: Save blood diamonds for tanks. Every now and then, when you have a lot of blood diamonds saved up, you can switch to dwarf, spend your blood diamonds on tanks, and then switch back to lich, converting the tanks into spiders. There are not any lich units worth spending blood diamonds on for your wall unfortunately, as ravagers and mummies both get crushed by an player who has Tiadrin.

Dueling: When in your territory you can use silver scorpions for your frontline and gold spiders for your middle line, with your heroes in the far back. When in enemy territory or just not wanting any hospital time in your territory you can fill your field with bronze scorpions to tank and rely on your heroes for damage. This is your area to shine! Lich is the best race at dueling, you can do well even without a Jacques. Lich units are very hard to counter, the natural counters of spears and monks just die to quickly and/or lose morale before doing their damage. Snipers are probably the biggest concern, as they do well against large units when they crit and are safe in the backline of the enemy. However, if your opponent is using snipers they are probably using mechs for their frontine, which empowers your scorpions to do extra damage. The longer the duel goes on the better your odds of winning, spiders gaining more and more power as the battle goes on due to their spiderling swarms.

Wall Breaking: Bronze scorpions in front, Gold Spiders behind, heroes in far back. Here is where we find out why we have been giving Elena so much special attention. The gold spiders will slow down the enemy with their slowing attacks while the scorpions block their paths. Opening with a Sun God's Blessing from Vega will slow down the enemy even more. While the enemy is slowed the gold spiders will continue their attacks, picking apart the enemy front line, with Jacques help if you have that hero. Ideally, by the time your bronze scorpions are overrun your spiders will have released their spiderlings, creating your new front line for your spiders.
*Note: Your formation might be slightly different than this, with all your heroes in the back instead of the large clump on the right. In this image I am using the anti-human pow wow that I will go over in the advanced tactics section.

Sometimes the ranged units will target one of your spiders, in which case you will use Elena's retreat ability to remove the spider from the battlefield. If you are attacking a wall for the first time your frontline may get overrun more quickly, and you will need to use Elena's retreat ability to save your spiders. By using Elena's retreat ability like this you can continuously attack walls without any losses besides your bronze scorpions, while still doing a good amount of damage to the wall's units. When you have a large enough power difference over the wall you will often not even need to retreat your spiders.

*Note: Here I am using Elena's recall on a spider that was about to perish. If you look in the red circle you will see enemy arrows landing where the spider used to be.

Plundering: The lich skeleton units are the best plundering units in the game. Acolytes are better than marauders due to their higher damage output and longer range.

Not getting attacked: Now that you are lich you can breath a lot more easily. If you do get attacked the only units that will perma-die are your acolytes, which are the last units to be destroyed in an attack and also have a chance of ressurecting. If you are scared of drawing attackers by hording to much blood diamonds you can spend them on gold mummies, which you will disband for blood diamonds when you do eventually make a quick switch to dwarf. This method does not give you quite as many spiders over time as just hording the blood diamonds would, since you lose some blood diamonds when disbanding the mummies, but you still get quite a bit and are much safer from drawing attacks.

The Void: Now that you are lich you can perfect all those "no casualty" and "2 heroes or less" stages, if you were not able to do them as dwarf. The timed challenges will be very difficult, you will want to perfect those when you make your quick dwarf switches by converting your main army spiders temporarily into tanks and the scorpions into blasters. If you have not already gotten Gan from the void now is the time to do that.

The Late Game (Castle Level 32ish - 40)

Disclaimer: I have not really reached this stage yet myself, but a lot of the previous strategies I have seen players in this stage use with great success.

Overview: This stage will be very similar to the mid game stage. Continue to switch to dwarf when needed and seige with the same strategies.

[youtube]Advanced Tactics:[/youtube]

Skeleton Army: Instead of using bronze scorpions for their frontline some players use bronze marauders. With Gazul's two buff abilites to them they can tank quite well, even better than the scorpions can in some situations. This frontline is a lot more susceptable to area of effect shots, as well as not being able to benefit from Vega's ultimate ability, so use this strategy with caution.

Anti-Humanoid Pow Wow
: If you have the hero Cleo you can use a strategy that helps with beating humanoid units, which most units except for mechs and lich units. Have her and Avalon start up near the front of your formation, where a spider would normally go. Give Cleo the hawkeye scope to increase her auto attack range. Max Cleo's dark exclipse ability and have 1 point in her dark orb ability. Have Avalon's war horn ability maxed. Then, when the battle starts, Avalon will drastically increase Cleo's attack speed and with Cleo being close to the front and having the extra range she will be able to attack almost immediatly. With these factors in effect she should release 3 dark orbs fairly quickly, bringing in an eclipse that will lower the damage of the enemy humanoid troops drastically, while not affecting any of your lich units. Sometimes the eclipse will occur withen the first 3 seconds of the battle with this strategy, which means for the first 30 seconds or so you should take very little damage from humanoid units.


The End: This is all I have for the late game for now, but perhaps it shall be updated in the future. Once again, any feedback is welcome and hopefully this guide helps you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror, feeling very lich like, because remember, liches are awesome.

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