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Re: [GUIDE] Zinek's Declassified Survival Guide to the Art of Conquest. (updated for patch 1.14.3)

Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:24 am

almo wrote:
Do u plan to update the guide? :o

Zinek wrote:
I’m not going to update the guide sorry game is dead. For anyone who still cares here is your guide on how to win AoC.

1. Buy jacques.
2. Do not field him for quests level him via xp cards from void.
3. When dueling field only bronze field jacques behind them. Use firestorm to snipe enemy jacques after that the fight is over afk until you won or lost because your jacques was sniped. This is all you need to know to be good at AoC now everything else is moot. There is literally no counter to this.

Not much to update even with the upcoming changes.

I can add to this:
Spam 5-15 accounts when starting fresh realm untill you obtain free hero from chests.
Then buy Jacques and follow above mentioned steps.
2 heroes are enough for average player (10$).
Stack up patron+subscription for the first month. (3$)
Save linari and get lucky with 3rd and 4th hero from chests.
Grab a building spot and stay on it.
Always make alt to lend yourself troops or put it in other color to plunder it.
Avoid active warfare/pvp except plundering... just feed yourself and do not pay attention to your kingdom problems. If it goes down just migrate and flip city.
To beat stronger player you must pay more money than him(starting with 200$ 3-4 heroes and 100$(monthly) building rush from day 1) and no ammount of grinding/strategy will counter cash. Thats about it.

GarrettNelson wrote:
Is lich still meta? i see lots of dwarf and barley anything else besides maybe a human

Afcourse you must buy Jacques, Rose and any paid hero you can. Do not expect to be capable of anything without spending.
Plus scorps will get some damage reduction. Race is not good at sieging in terms of casualty ratios so you have to choose targets carefully and don't forget to choose desert terrains for pvp/raids.

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