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[Guide] How To Protect Those Precious Resources!

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:05 pm
by Cheerios7204
You've worked hard for those resources and now some other player wants to steal them. How do you prevent this? Here's some tips:

  • Max out the number of garrisoned troops - Nothing says stay away like a full garrison. Initially you'll want to max this out with copper troops. As you unlock silver troops, you'll want to start replacing your copper garrisoned troops with silver ones and likewise as you unlock gold units you'll want to replace copper troops with these. Unless you're a big spender, you'll not be able to completely replace copper troops with silver troops, so you'll probably have a mix, but make sure to replace the weakest, lowest level garrison troop with better troops as you progress through the game.

  • Find a buddy to defend you - If no one is defending you, the number of troops in your garrison is white. When a buddy defends you, the number of garrisoned troops turns green with a green '+' sign. The enemy player can't see who's defending you, all they see is white or green text. Green text is always a deterrent because not only do they have to defeat your garrisoned troops, but also your ally's troops. Most likely they'll go for an easier target.

  • Keep your lootable resources to a minimum - If you go into your city and check your warehouse, that should show how many of your resources are protected from enemy players. Any resources you have beyond that protection limit can be stolen. At the beginning of the game, you'll want to keep gold, lumber, and elixer surplus to a minimum. You'll want to unlock silver units as soon as possible so you can keep the mithril, crystals, and blood diamonds surplus to a minimum as well. There may be times where you're saving up for an expensive rare resource unit (gold siege units for example) and need to accumulate 1000+ of a rare resource, you may consider moving to the capital for a time to make sure you can't be attacked and lose those resources. Remember to note that if you attack another castle, they can revenge you and attack you even if you're in the capital.

  • Make sure to keep upgrading your walls - this increases your wall defense. The greater your wall defense, the less resources a player can steal from you. If you and another player have the same amount of lootable resources but you have a higher wall defense than the other player, the player with lower wall defense is more likely to be attacked because the enemy player will get more loot in a single attack.

  • Increase in power - if a two players have the same amount of lootable resource but one is 10k power and the other is 100k power, the 10k player will be looted. High power means high level defending troops and more losses for the enemy player, this is a great deterrent.

These tips have been enough to help me from being attacked. It's only happened once in 1.5 months of play on server 60. The PvP system is all about risk vs reward. You wait 2 hours for 1 stamina on each of your heroes. You want to maximize loot and minimize troop losses. You're not going after the player with 300k wall defense, 100 garrison defenders, defended by an ally, who has a power of 130k, who has minimal lootable resources. You take away the reward and make the risk too high and you'll be just fine. Just don't piss anyone off, then they'll come after you no matter the risk.

If you have any further suggestions, just comment below!

Re: [Guide] How To Protect Those Precious Resources!

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:30 pm
by dablu
Captain Obvious, why did you changed you nick to Cheerios7204?

Re: [Guide] How To Protect Those Precious Resources!

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:46 am
by dorianGREY
I agree with most of this, other than the need for max garrison all the time.

Re: [Guide] How To Protect Those Precious Resources!

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:33 pm
by Blueynoes
Here's some less obvious tips for your wall + garrison to SAVE precious resources. A summary can be found at the bottom of the post.

- Bronze troops are garbage past castle level 10. Do not upgrade them, it's a waste of resources. Once your golds are defeated, any player will steamroll your bronzes regardless of level. You have them there to give the illusion of a full garrison.So don't upgrade hundreds of troops every single castle level, it's pointless.

- Past level 23ish, silver becomes almost equally worthless. Here the support heroes like give combined with the overall strength of troops makes it so that any player can decimate a silver garrison with little to no losses..

Your goal for a good garrison should be 1 fully golden wave. So 3 golden range troops on the wall, and depending on race, +-10 golden melee. The game will fill the backline with silver ranged, that's fine. For silver, have one full wave as well. This won't hold anyone, but will make sure that if the same person attacks you twice, the golds he killed are not simply replaced by utter trash.

So first goal: 1 golden wave, 1 silver wave, both fully upgraded. The rest filled with bronze trash (mercs are fine). After that, focus on only golden troops in there and slowly start replacing bronze by gold, don't bother with silver, it's a waste of resources.

Past a certain level (unit level 7+), it will become exceedingly hard to keep both your army and garrison upgraded. Make sure you do not fall more than 1 level behind on upgrades. If you do, raid more. If you're still falling behind, consider throwing different golden ones in there that use different rare materials.

Additionally, defending another player is a no go if that defending player is a lower level. For example, if you're level 25, do not defend a level 18 player. This severely lowers the requirements for players to hit your garrison. They can now attack the level 18 player with bronze troops to whittle down your garrison, and if you're offline you won't get a notification. After 3-4 attacks, your gold stuff is dead and they can easily steamroll you and plunder everything you have. Stronger power level players have alts in most kingdoms and can see who you're defending, they WILL abuse this.

Wall strength - This highly depends on your ranking in the server and your garrison power. Loot is based on wall damage. If your garrison has 2 fully golden waves, nobody is ever going to attack you unless it's a full coordinated assault by multiple people. Therefore, you don't want to waste time making 400k walls, it's pointless. If you're somewhere in the mid-tier of a server (eg. level 24 when the top players are 29), then having stronger walls acts as a semi-deterrent as it reduces the loot your attackers gain. But again, you can use this build time to just get stronger yourself. I don't like to go past 250k on walls, it really is a waste of buildtime.

Your wall is a warehouse
Yeah. Let's say my garrison is weak and anyone can raid me. I have 2000 crystals but I'm maxed on army cap. If I go to bed, I'll wake up raided. The correct play here is to dump your golden or silver units that cost crystals into your garrison and train new ones. Later on, when you need crystals, you can simply disband the ones in the garrison. Yes, you'll lose half your crystals doing this, but you're preventing yourself from raiding while buffing your garrison. Works best with golds ofcourse.

TLDR: Dont's
- Do NOT defend low level players if you have resources worth plundering. People can kill your garrison with bronze without you knowing.
- Do NOT upgrade your bronze trash in there
- Do NOT put more than 10-15 silver legions in there
- Do NOT upgrade your walls too high (175-230k is fine), use the buildtime elsewhere
- Do NOT put more than 3 ranged goldens in there until you have a lot of golden melee. The game will put them in the field of the first wave rather than on the wall.
- Do NOT cross defend (Player A defends player B, B defends A). If B gets raided down, you won't know because no notifications. You'll have no garrison and are then easily plunder afterwards. Instead, triple defend (A defends B, B defends C, C defends A). This doesn't leave you defenseless as C has your back, allowing you to login and shield on the first hit without losing half your resources

Summary: Dos
- Do put at least 1 golden upgraded wave in your garrison. This will make it unraidable by people your level and a few levels above you. They will need to team up and still take heavy losses, so unless you're hoarding hundreds of thousands of resources, this makes you somewhat safer
- Do use your wall as a bank if you feel you're a likely raid target. Nothing to raid = no raid taking place.
- Do keep your first wave as upgraded as possible. If you have a lot of wood, you're a prime target and might consider your garrison more important than your army in this regard, as you can easily raid / PVE while 1 level behind.
- Do mix and match. As a human for example, throwing golden spiders in your garrison is amazing as it will replace the silver archers in the field. Similarly, for lich, you have a lot of blood diamonds. Dwarven Snipers on the wall are a great use for these as they can instant-kill 2-3 heroes right off the bat.

Re: [Guide] How To Protect Those Precious Resources!

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:46 am
by dorianGREY
all good helps and tips guys, the community needs this.