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Looking for a fighting “end game” server not under whale oppression?

Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:57 am

Hi all,
I’m from 1142 and a leading member of house “unity” (currently occupying 3 kingdoms with other houses). We were once forced into a corner in a 5 vs 1 situation being forced to be “top power” due to game mechanics from week 2 of our merge for over 6 months (no more). We fought through one month long whale migration of 15 in the 2-3.1k core power range who have recently left to try conquering elsewhere.

We are nearing a point of “winning” which would eventually kill the server. What we want is to make a free race server for all (Chinese alike) where all can play freely without silly rules beyond kingdom agreements. This is in fact a game of war not a game of FarmVille.

We currently are recruiting all to build the server back up as we finish pushing the what I call racial Supremacists (we all know these types). I have fought and bled beside Chinese, Russian, Peruvian, European, Canadian and everyone else. We survived from day one with one goal in mind. Fight together, work together and bleed together to create a fair unbiased playing field for all where our where we are judged and rewarded for our actions only vs who’s friend we are or what country we come from.

If you and or your house both can come to 1142 and like the idea of this we would love to have you. Once we do if we do “win” then we fully plan to break apart to fight each other as the game intends... but still a few of the scum left that need to be dealt with.

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