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Realm 44 - Athaly

Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:15 pm

Hi guys, this is a recruit message for anyone who's looking to join a awesome team, we are more like a little family than a guild.

A little info:
Realm 44 biggest kingdom is Neferak, second is Athaly, third Icarum, fourth Hyral, fifth Dunwulf and Skarn is gone.

The activity of the server have increased, Neferak players are more passive now, we have a love/troll relationship with them, usually dueling around and having fun.
We are in a active war against Icarum and Dunwulf since they got into a Alliance that make the game super active. Icarum have a large number of players, everyone around 50k-100k, only a couple have 150k-200k. Dunwulf players are super low but have some interesting guys around 150k power too.
Hyral is not really into anything, they just farm around and roam.
Havent seen a Skarn in a long time, sad actually.

Now some Athaly Related info:

All Athaly united under one guild: 'Athaly United', we have been thru a lot and we are really close friends now, the kingdom chat is very active and the war against Icarum/Dunwulf got us even closer now.

This message is for everyone who is looking for a active realm/server, we have enough space on the guild for anyone that want to join and we are very friendly to new players so dont feel afraid of coming, we will gladly help you grow. Since we are a little stronger we can lend troops so you can lvl up your heroes faster or do bosses without loosing a lot.

Thanks for your time!

Fawksito, Athaly United Leader.

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