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balenciaga speed trainer

Sat Dec 28, 2019 7:36 am

I am #teamrumba for balenciaga triple s sure. Again, like many perfumes I love, this is best worn by someone who knows themselves. Be you male or female, if you can't confidently carry a confident scent this will make you seem like a toddler stumbling around in mommy's high heels. If you are suited to Rumba be prepared to dance the day and night away!I found a bottle by Balenciaga on ebay and I love it. There is plum, plum, honey and plum riding on a leathery base. There are also florals in the background, in fact, there is actually a lot happening back there, but plum definitely dominates.

I don't have a sophisticated nose or know very much about perfumes, but the glowing reviews of this perfume motivated me to blind buy it. I thought I was ordering the Balenciaga version but instead received the Ted Lapidus version. I don't know what to make of it. It is strong, a bit overwhelming initially. At first, it reminded me of sitting close to balenciaga shoes older ladies in church and being surrounded by their perfume, but slowly it settles into something more pleasant. I am intrigued that anyone senses anything floral or sweet in this perfume. On my skin this perfume is thoroughly muscular and masculine (I like that).

The base note is similar to the overall impression, that doesn't change balenciaga sneakers much during its impressive projection: more than 12 hrs. I would almost call it a linear fragrance, because everything is so harmoniously composed around honey and incense. You shouldn't overdose it, otherwise you'll probably induce a headache to the ones who dislike fierce fragrances. Everyone should be careful with this fragrance grenade. Ted Lapidus has taken Rumba in the 90's. Whether the smell has now also been reformulated, I can not notice any relevant difference between the old formulation and the recent one. My comment refers to Balenciaga's original .

Very nice Eighties fragrance anyway, tremendous staying power and sillage. Update: last week I sprayed it on while I was wearing a sweater, then balenciaga australia I put it back into the wardrobe... I just noticed that, after 5 days, some of the fragrance (a delicious creamy incense) is still there around the neck and on the sleeves. Its longevity is incredible!Kelleysmall I never smelled the parfum concentration but I own an Edt old bottle whose box has no bar code so it was presumably produced before 1988 . It smells very strong and it has leather and oakmoss notes . I love it ! Is it possible that you smelled the recent Ted Lapidus version of original Balenciaga Rumba if you find it watered down?

As this settles and reaches the base, I like it more and more. It develops into a rich, smokey leather, with a hint of boozy sweetness. I normally choose fairly safe scents for day to day, but being a vintage lover, I am always drawn in by scents like this. This is not safe. Do not wear this to the office. You may end up with a no scent workplace policy as a result. I am not daring enough to wear this often but when I do, I feel like a 'bad girl' - all smoke, leather, and plum brandy. I like this a lot. My bottle says Balenciaga on the bottom. I have not smelled the Ted Lapidus version.

Wow , what a perfume ! Very sparkling fruity opening which makes you think Rumba is a well chosen name : balenciaga speed trainer you feel like dancing beautiful gypsy dances ! Then a suprising spicy carnation appears to freshen fruits and ... what a second and big suprise for me : leather here is gorgeous as it is so well surrounded by santal ; oakmoss is not overwhelming and it is beautiful . A must have for all vintage strong perfumes lovers in my opinion as I find it quite unique .You would think of it as an oriental but in the end you feel the chypre soul : the rumba is danced Image by a couple unlike the gypsy Buleria :-) .

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