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Jumper Account Guide

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 8:27 pm
by Mithica
Art of Conquest Jumper Guide 1.0

Hello everyone, my in game name is Mithica and I have been playing AoC and most of Lilith games for a while. Recently with the new patch, there has been information that players will soon be able to migrate to not only older but newer kingdoms as well. This migration will be affected by the players Core Power and how that power compares to the new server they are trying to migrate to. From what I read, It will be approximately two times more expensive to jump to a younger kingdom than to older ones. If I remember my first jump, the Linari(soon to be special items bought with linari) was about 3000 if you are outside of the 100 leaderboard so I would expect about 6000 linari would be the lowest cost. For people who have played Rise of Kingdoms, another Lilith game, there was a concept of Jumper accounts. Those accounts were meant to take advantage of the fact that they can stay in older kingdoms/servers, collect tons of rewards, and then migrate to a brand new kingdom/server and have a huge head start. Well, now this concept is available in AoC as well. In this guide I would explain how.

Choose a server and kingdom that would allow you to progress and collect different resources most efficiently.

For example, I have recently made an account on a “dead” server, an older server that chose not to merge and most players migrated away from it. This means that I could basically join the house that held the best composition of cities allowing me to freely jump from one special tile to another and get all available boosts. It allows you to get maximum resources from your city currency due to the high level and a number of guard towers already established in this old kingdom.

Hoard and collect ALL possible resources and do not spend any resources or energy potions that you do not absolutely have to.

One of the best things about this jumper account concept is the fact that there
Is NO TIME CONSTRAINT. The longer you prepare the better off you will be when you finally jump. This means that since the linari cost for jumping is all based on Core Power(Core Power consists of your highest Temple Power, Research Power, Hero Power, Building Power and Dragon Power on record) you can collect an infinite amount of: resource cards in inventory, XP cards, hero XP/attribute cards, hero armor/items, troop rush, universal rush, research rush, alchemy stones, renown , soulfire, dragon glass, dragon scrolls, skin scrolls, battle bits, and adamantium.

You can simply allow all of your research and building timers, void runs, and so on to progress naturally with no speedups in order to keep your core power as low as possible while collecting ALL of those items that do not contribute to your core power. Heroe power, garrison power, dragon power, temple power will be very low for most players since they are hard to increase if you are low spender or free to play, which means that you have a little more freedom when it comes to developing them. I would suggest to spend all naturally collected rares on garrison(saving all resource cards in inventory) and all common resources on research/buildings and so on.

It is important to save all of those items because spending them would usually cause you to increase your core level which will make it harder for you to jump to a younger kingdom(or simply making it more expensive) while saving them will allow you to compete in many events in the final kingdom which is the goal so you can be as competitive as possible.

Now the best part, HEROES, since you can prepare for as long as you need to you have tons of time to collect the hero chest currency and lianri and unlock heroes.

For 3-4 month period I was able to unlock almost all paid heroes for free while only paying 10$ for Jaq, 1$ for first patron and 15$ for the lifetime patron(booster pack is optional but gives about 13000 linary from castle 1-40 for $10). As your castle and research develops, your abyss and void level will progress as well allowing you to get even further ahead.

Best race.

While getting ready to jump, In my opinion the top race is actually Human followed by Dwarf and Rakaan. Human allows you to 1. Develop heroes that buff troops in both abyss and real continent 2. Have spawn abilities allowing you to push abyss, 3. Human is excellent for void progression. 4.Human garrison troops have decent conversion into other races which you will probably do after jump due to the bad pvp spot for humans later on(eventhough i would suggest early on to jump to other races and convert troops to the final race you want to be after jump to allow you to only upgrade garrison instead of building and filling). Completing a 60-80 gold unit garrison early on(troops t4-5) is the best thing you can do since many races allow you to rush single units for free under 20min. This will later allow you to periodically jump to your final race, upgrade the troops, and go back to whatever you use to farm before jump.

Getting ready to jump.

There is no perfect time to jump, it all depends on how satisfied you are with all the resources you have saved up, how many linari you have(allowing you to jump at kingdoms where you could be ahead in leaderboard), and finding the right kingdom.
Some kingdoms will inherently have higher level players and obviously most of those players’ core power will depend on how old the server is. As I mentioned previously I would expect a min price of 6000 linari to transfer to a kingdom where you will be out of the top 100, I do not have enough information for higher rankings until the forward migration option is live.

Once you jump.

Once you jump you are free to switch to the final race you want to play, spend all hero xp and attribute cards, all building and research rush and so on. If you manage to jump to a decently new kingdom you will have ALOT of items, heroes, higher hero levels, currencies, and energy potions more than everyone else in this new kingdom which would allow you to do so much better and maybe even compete with heavy spenders. I could totally see someone spending 50$ on a jumper beating people with purple borders given enough preparations.

I hope this guide helps f2p and low spenders compete with all of the p2w players. Thanks for spending the time to read all this.

Re: Jumper Account Guide

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 12:46 pm
by Destination
Thanks for the guide, might come in handy at times :)

Re: Jumper Account Guide

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 10:44 pm
by Fliptality
Human is excellent for pushing void???
human is like the worst by far after void 100+ good luck

Re: Jumper Account Guide

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 8:29 am
by Destination
You realise that such a jumper account wont be doing void 100+ anytime soon do you? He is only talking about early void.

Re: Jumper Account Guide

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:04 am
by Mithica
At Castle 38, only played human, I managed to perfect 100 and from what I have seen, doing this at 38 without borrowing troops is actually pretty damn good. I want to underline that I DID NOT borrow troops from much stronger players that would have helped tons. To add a small update, the time it takes servers to unlock for transfers is much longer than I expected so this jumper guide has to be revised. It still works for accounts where you want to go from castle 1-45 without spending rush on buldings(none at all)
Once you hit 45 you can transfer to whatever younger server you want and have quite a bit more research than players there. Needless to say this guide and strategy is for a very long term play, probably over a year.