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Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:13 am
by Destination
Hey guys,

What do you guys think about the Story of Bealrog?
- Did you look into it or did you just play the event for the rewards you get?
- If you didnt look into it what was the reason for that?
- How would you like it to be different from how it was now?
- How did you like the event so far?

Any feedback and ideas for improvement are welcome.


Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:29 am
by PrinceCharming
Would be really nice from developers to put more efforts into the Dungeon and make a difference between all neutrals.
Meaning that there are, for example, 4 Stars in each region, but they are all the same - boring.
The rewards on the ground are weird, plus they are not really defended, even if the mob is standing next to it.

Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:20 pm
by MaxBT
All I care is what I can get from the event, I bought all* shop too soon and then I found nothing more to do, fighting without any rewards is worthless, everything now is just blah blah blah ... All I want to know is what I can have from you/what can you give me ?

Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:04 am
by Burnhard31
I read it, but i think most players dont.
I have played WoW for Years. There was a Day all my addons dont worked and i dont had a plan what i should do in some quests. Since this day i started reading quests, storys and thing like this in games. Its an other game experience i dont wanna miss. Most players (also me before this day) are forced from reward to reward, progress > all. Thats why p2w mechanics work so good.

Personally (for someone who enjoy reading the quests) the downtimes are to long and the Bosses are way to weak. Not meant as debasement but as suggestion for future events.
Would be more fun when we are forced to make tactics like in Void, and dont be able to instant flawless the Key elementals of that story line in seconds.

What i also like are things like the explore quests, here we have something what brings a little social effect into our chats.

Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:08 pm
by KateKay
opps i just played the event for the rewards so greedy i am from those players who just play and dont read story of the game

Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:44 am
by sigmablade
what story ? i remember someone post a video about the giant run into the jungle to farm blink dagger then when come out at min 30 , entired team already dead and lose all tower up to tier 4 , that that ?

sorry little bit of dota 2 addiction but honesty the story in that video mostly not connect to the dungeon , it also bland , I try to connect the video story with what the hell he say in the dungeon but can only see that because his clan got murder so he go rampage and crash with player at 1st time out of angry , the 2nd time try to protect the place , that , when you go in it not even related to normal quest , and the third time is like " oh wow , sorry , you are nice guy , but let's crash with each other 1 more time , if you win I join you "

out of all story from video to dungeon i honesty feel the only thing worth my notice are the elves , which mean 5th race , the rest you can remember as some dude live peaceful , one day run to jungle to meet some elves friend lucky that help him avoid getting murder like the rest of his clan , he so angry he start lift the totem of village up and running around try to find the culprit , but crash at you 3 time in a round and , ofc , lose horrible , because you have Plot Armor , and unlike real life suddenly he not mad anymore and join you in the journey of finding culprit , and ofc PvP with the other player as well , like a true slave helping their master

Now consider how hard it is for normal player that not watch that video story and try to understand why this blue dude so mad and charge at you lul

Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:25 pm
by PrinceCharming
Yes, in general this event should have been worked on much harder.

It feels like someone from devs, drinking a cup of coffee after lunch, just said:
"Hey, Bruce, today in the evening I am giving you the task to create a new super-quest for all players, so they will be busy doing something for 7-10 days. Your goal is to make them feel like they got the huge new content, and add a new hero there (main lure). But make them wait for it and don't let it finish too fast".

And this guy, who has a family waiting for him in the evening from work, started to write some super-quest program code real fast.
He added random, totally equal neutral creeps with the simplest formations, added 1-2-3-4 stars just leveling same 2-3 mobs, drew some little simple cave, added timers on each regions and told his boss:
"The Super-Dungeon is finished (where is my reward?), I think I will even have time tomorrow, in the morning, to create one super-interesting story line, so we don't only have battles, but also the whole plot. They are gonna enjoy it!".
The guy woke up, wrote some story and put it into the dungeon.
He was also thinking about making it harder, so WARNING: he added SUPER-bosses that are almost impossible to defeat (if you are at castle 1, for example).
"And hey" - he thought - "why do I only place neutral armies on the ground?" - quick passage of hands and keyboard - "I will also add super tasty rewards here and there just waiting players to collect it. Here it is... 3-5 crystals...500 gold...maybe stamina potion? uhh...I will add 2-3, no more, they are too rare... I can also add green and blue items... and I will not make neutrals defend it, let them just stay near ground rewards and "pretend" like they are defending it. Haha I am on strike - players will estimate my sense of humor".

Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:07 pm
by sigmablade
Maybe till the event end , we will never know what we gonna do with 3 fking bronze tier III sylphs out of nowhere , i still have hope that tomorrow when we meet dark dark dark edgy black dragon this 3 fking bronze sylphs will transform to 3 legendary slyphs in night time story that those kid slyph hear at night when their parent tell their kid about how this 3 super cool dude will 1 shot the black black black egdy dark dragon , and so the player only need to bring those 3 to battle and watch dragon get one shot , after that it turn out those 3 are the spirit contain all power of slyph race , now that they done their job a.k.a the dragon finally die for real , they fking go to heaven and explode , and the whole fking video about 5th race show up , 5 troop except catapult each race have is , ofc slyph , elf archer , treant , orc goblin , and finally the small dragon green we see in Baelrog video ( else i have no fking idea why it even in video as they can just show some slyph chasing each other and still legit )

Also from this event we know those fking dwarf is greedy as F , just like their player , i guess

Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:59 pm
by TerraD
I've followed the story, between the introductory video on the facebook and the story in the game, and they feel much like how Prince Charming says; rushed and disconnected. The introduction video has a shift in tone halfway through (he went out in the forest one day, came back and everyone's dead!) and the story didn't match the visuals (He stumbled on a group of fairies as he stares at a green dragon). The video seems to imply he is full of vengeance and hate, but in game he seems very collected and has a sense of duty (explained by the Amnesia but those kind of story telling excuses are lazy storywriting). The Nerokles story is much more fleshed out, and feels like Baelrog was tacked on.

I'm not going to add anything about the rewards, since everyone else has stated the problem with them already.

sigmablade wrote:
Also from this event we know those fking dwarf is greedy as F , just like their player , i guess

Agreed on this as well.

Re: Baelrog Story/ Event

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:06 am
by Destination
They are really interested in feedback regarding this event so i will make sure to pass it on.