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Lich in the End-Game - Tips needed

Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:13 am

Hey Guys, I'm Lich since day one and im sitting around 2300k power.

I need some help and tips from players with the same problems and how to fix them.

1. As a lich player sieging is nearly there any formation which is possible to beat down first waves from guard towers and so on? (without borrowing a whole human formation)

2. With the new Arena PVP... i was really hyped, but they restrict spider-web and so on.. so lich is not really the PVP Class anymore too.. yes my defence is strong, but i can not beat human or dwarf defence as well.. golden mechs and horses are too strong..or it takes too much time.. so any tips for this problem? :)

I was hoping for a balance change for lich in some cases, but now I think..this will never happen because Lich is is balanced in early to mid-game.

Is there any point left for still playing lich? Or am I suppost to throw my time and xp cards away and reroll human?

Thanks for some tips :)

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