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Stacking EFFECT or not

Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:54 pm

I know the general stacking of morale issue has been fixed long ago.
But, is that stacking limitation talking about in terms of in a single hero? or in whole battlefield?
What if it's the same type of effect but from hero's ability? does it also considered as stack?
Can someone clarify this? below


Let's say, YIP is equipped with
Staff (allied heroes earn 10% more exp),
Headpiece, Tome and Robe (3pc set allied heroes earn 10% more exp)

I believe in this case I only get 10% since its exact same type of effect from a single hero.

How about when
YIP is equipped with (Staff - allied heroes earn 10% more exp) and
ROSE is equipped with (Headpiece, Tome, Robe - 3piece set allied heroes earn 10% more exp)

In this case, the effect doesn't get stacked in a single hero; but from the whole battlefield.

Do heroes still get 10% ? or 20% ? I'm confuse here.


YIP has ability named "Enlightenment" which gives allied heroes % more exp.
What if he equipped (Staff - allied heroes earn 10% more exp) ?

one comes from ability and the other comes from the item. is this considered as stack as well?

The same goes to AVALON's War Horn (% attack speed) ability
when MAKO is equipped with Bow (30% attack speed)
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Re: Stacking EFFECT or not

Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:53 pm

Avalon war horn and mako bow work together.
Yip Enlightenment and Set/Staff work together.
Set and Stuff dont work together no matter what you do.

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