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Re: Void Stage 100!

Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:04 pm

Lichplayer wrote:
This maybe a little off topic, but i'm so desperate now:
Anyone has a video guide to help Lich perfect void 80 :(
I have spider lvl 12, dunelord lvl 12, rose 37, jacques 36 and gan 36 :(

Yet the human super unit still snipe my spider in short order

Did you try with 3 stacks of borrowed archers, xbows or swords? Special unit?

I heard you can go Rose, Jac, Avalon in middle -second row, special unit and all spiders 13 behind but you need very high research on spiders and strong heroes...I doubt Gan is best choice and scorps 12 probably won't hold long enough...

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