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Re: Cheat bombarders ability open fire.

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:37 pm
by neuro
Yesterday they destroyed my city with a level 50 jaq and rockets with level 11 of the academy finished. I have to prove my defense in the desert.

The turtle is very powerful, because with level 11 of the academy, in total gives 60% more attack speed, 30% more attack damage and 30% more life to the troops. To part it is necessary to add that with grims at level 45, the rockets obtain a 36% capacity of ammunition and recover 75% of the spent ammunition. The rockets are not that nerf, maybe the solution would be that the bonuses of the turtle were proportional to the level that it has. A level 1 turtle is the same as a level 13 turtle with technology.

Re: Cheat bombarders ability open fire.

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:26 am
by jemmos
i have seen the shield pop up. before, but not recently with spider ranged damage. but even if only 50% dammage. before other mitagation factors. there seems to be other forms of resistance i'll have to test vs skilled and unskilled mech's. and do some more indepth math, as well as figuer of a mode of testing. Spider melee attacks, ( witch do posiden then ememy, just not mechs) do considerably more dammage to mech than their ranged attack does. if i had to guess, i would say about 20% more.. witch is an odd coincidence that the old spider damage calculations damage was 70% physical, 30% poisen.

Re: Cheat bombarders ability open fire.

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:13 pm
by jemmos
BorrowKing wrote:
jemmos wrote:
Behindtheed wrote:

Half of spider damage is physical, not poison.

Just to clarify, spiders do only between 10% to 30% dammage to mechs
Spider damage is 50% poisen, and 50% physical.
Dwarf mech has forcfield Reducing all ranged damage by 60%

With this we can calculate that since Dwarf mech recieves only 40% damage from spiders, and that spider only deal 1/2 damage to begin win. that would leave spiders only doing a total of 20% of their max attack vs Dwarf mech.

depending on the exact order of the calculations this can vary 10% in either dirrection. I believe this is a left over ballance error by lillith from when spider dammage was 70% physical, and 30% poisen. and needs to be re adjusted by lilith. Side note. i've noticed that spider mele attacks are also 50% dammage vs mechs, that defnitly should be changed. Spider melee attacks should be 100% physical, with no poisen aspect.

You do realise that mech shield doesn't affect all ranged attacks right? Spiders, tanks and blasters don't trigger mech shield, only arrows and magical projectiles not splash or explosive.

ah, your correct on the shield thing. but the damage still feals off. do you know how damage reduction is calculated in the game? its possible, if its using the info card dps that mechs are reducing the total potental damage of a spider, and not the realtime damage of the spider, callculating of 100% damage, and not 50% damage.( makes sence to lower server traffic ) if it us this mechanic, it would be resisting a greater ammount 15 % more than the bace 30% ( t11 resarch tree assume max 30% DR )