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Re: Server 17-33 Merge - Migration has Broken the Game

Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:56 pm

I dont see why they added alliances if migration exists lol just migrate for benefits of more cities carts and dungeons and players
Migration is by far the worst feature they added for any server and i did say the merged servers would be shit if migration was allowed
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Re: Server 17-33 Merge - Migration has Broken the Game

Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:13 pm

LightStorm wrote:
I’m on Server 64. We are hoping we will get our own merge soon enough. We are going from server to server surrounding our own advocating a player controlled kingdom selection. The idea being to split the merged server between two kingdoms with an equal number of city’s on both sides. Players from both sides can hopefully migrate back and forth to keep it balanced.

good luck on that ... didnt work out on merged server (17-33) ... people simply moved to the side they thought is strongest and whoops back to farmville in a bout 1-2 weeks ... ;-)

note to lilith: dont let players make the rules, you should do that and while your at it, check that the rules are fair and cant be abused too hard ... ahh maybe just stop designing games alltogether and save us players from more shiat like this ... (I might add, I am no ftp player, I invested a good amount of money AND time, I am no whale though, can hold my own, but am no top dog player - you lose players like me, if you do shitty stuff like in the last months, I will stop playing once the merged server is back to farmville status)

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