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Re: Merged realms 17-33 GAME OVER in 2 Weeks

Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:03 pm

Kennan wrote:
one of the biggest player... mag1c? he wanted to build a super house in skarn and fight them all ? did he ran or ? im sure he wanted to play farmville and ran to nefrak ASAP! no sack for the smal balls..

he ran to Neferak when merge opens
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Re: Merged realms 17-33 GAME OVER in 2 Weeks

Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:21 am

It looks like the server merge is a failed experiment due to migration. Same thing has happened on my server, everyone but a few people migrated to the number one kingdom, who shed a lot of cities. Now it's farmville and the last few holdouts of people who didn't want to merge or couldn't (Kings can't migrate).
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Re: Merged realms 17-33 GAME OVER in 2 Weeks

Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:56 pm

Migration is a feature for the weak willed.
“Oh my kingdoms behind one big city? Let me contact so and so kingdom to see if i can join them because they are stronger rather than contributing to fighting back”
It kills servers before merge and after merge
There was no shock to me that everyone migrated moment it opened up, why? Small amount of people have the will to play when A. Infinite heal times from bronze jacq even at tier 13 with enough recalls
B. People are weak willed and moment their kingdom stops doing hot they migrate and then have ego as if they didnt migrate to a “safety net” of higher level players
C. Pay to win is unfightable. 30% stat bonuses in pvp are INSANE
Are the devs actually retarded?
Just field the most golds+jacq+heroes as you can and you win
With 6 heroes you can have around 700 stats of each if you spend enough then a f2p player has to spend MONTHS and hope to be lucky on hero chests as well to even come close to just those 6 heroes
Now imagine if said whale puts down every hero out? Goodluck. No chance competing with that 30% buff
Only way youd be able to compete with 30% buffs is by having jacques and enemy not having it and being early stage of game.
So even if you fight them chances are you basically auto lose from how huge the bonuses are from stats
D. Gold troops in shop, people can buy and fill garri as much as they want, even if you take them down they just buy more and buy heal times in shop.
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Re: Merged realms 17-33 GAME OVER in 2 Weeks

Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:08 am

Hi to all!

I have some suggestion, only if Lilith will care...

- Each player should be limited to one time migration.
- The migration should be based on kingdom power and not number of cites. And power of kingdom should be based on top 50 or 100 players.
- The hero stats bonus MUST be removed. (30% on high level is OP)
- Lilith should listen to community feed back, at the moment they don't care. (Great example is Clash of Clans, 5 years).
- Introduce dishonor system. No loot from towns with lower level [ 4-5 levels lower]. This will solve the alt issue on servers.
- Jack should be fixed.
- Cleo "Tom of Creation" should be limited to AoE.
- To be a King kingdom should hold minimum 10 cities, like used to be.

Otherwise this game will die soon.
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Re: Merged realms 17-33 GAME OVER in 2 Weeks

Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:47 am

Here are my thoughts on migration. It should be removed as a game mechanic.

Instead, buff the alliance system so that allies can loot each other's resource nodes and dungeons.

The amount of alliances allowed is determined by the number of cities held by a kingdom. If the kingdom has 1/3 or half of the cities, they get no alliances. If a kingdom is small, they get the max number of alliances.

People in losing kingdoms still get to gather resources and fight, people in winning kingdoms still get to be dominant and control a majority of the map.

Besides this, something has to be done about super-whales. Because one person shouldn't be able to wipe a server. Fix those things, and I think this game can last a long time.

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