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Re: Tiadrins cleanse the land has no place in this game.

Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:17 pm

+1. I'm not even a lich player .. but this is soo OP.

Needs balance.
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Re: Tiadrins cleanse the land has no place in this game.

Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:33 am

It does 40-60 k wall damage... 5 players are enough and 10 can send you back to capitol without any actual fight. I am not even playing lich but this skill doesn't make any sense and when allies do it you can not defend or retaliate. Shields do not block it either.
When alliances were introduced it was stated that players can not pvp but they can when robbing.
We are not dealing with world class developers here... Prophet's cloak is actually a Robe, Gan hero has Nature blessing but actually buffs magic creatures which has nothing to do with nature, description for towers still says you need to wait 7 days in new realms but after someone hacked it they just let everyone spam towers in day 1. Mechanical units can't heal but they drink ale and heal... Retardation could be seen everywhere in this game...but if you guys prefer to defend the nonsense mechanics is fine with me.

mrpuff There is option for 2 kingdoms to ally 3rd one and do friendly duels. But for meaningful friendly duels to exist they need to cause no heal time and be limited to the kingdom itself. Actually long ago we could do all kinds of duels but then problems were too obvious so devs will not add similar mechanic ever ;)

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