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Re: Should we demand a refund?

Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:38 pm

I enjoy grandiose arguements. I prefer them to make sense though.

Jaques is an issue, the talking points coming out of Lilith is that all hero's will be buffed to jaques like levels.

Do I believe that, no not realy, I believe he's the last of the uber hero's and will likely remain so untill the uproar from the community become's enough for him to finaly receive his needed nerf. He exists in his own special area due to his mechanics, he can still be good, but something needs to be done about his attack speed, it is what makes him so overpowered.

Your arguement about racial pref is moot, jaques is uber in any races hands, what he does for mechs is no more or less what any of the racial hero buffers do.

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