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Re: Hero Stat Cards Reset

Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:22 pm

dorianGREY wrote:
your point would make sense shu, if they hadn't changed heroes to not use stats they once used, or utilise a stat more than they once did, thus affecting EVERY player who tailored their quite limited stat card drops throught the game up to the point the devs go and change it all. If we were beta testing a game or on the PTR, this is no issue, but its a big set back to those who have been around long enough to see these changes happen and have them affect them.

Limited stat cards? Since when did we stop getting them from dungeons and shops? Never lucky.

I feel bad for people who has been around long enough and hasn't max out a single stat on a hero or having problems with their stats even though they can get them anyway for free by just playing.

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