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Avalon's Ardent Aura & Rakans

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:16 pm
by Blueynoes
Hi guys,

Avalon's Ardent Aura reads:

All allied humanoid creates have the max hit points increased.

By fantasy definition, dwarves are humanoids (I assume aura works on dwarves) and so are Rakan, as they are human-like in appearance (trolls/goblins for example are also humanoids). However, the game has shown in the patch that what something says it does is not always what it actually does..
So could we get an answer on if Ardent Aura works for Rakan?

Re: Avalon's Ardent Aura & Rakans

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:22 am
by Julianus
just put 1 rakan on the field and place avalon. If the rakan gets a blue aura as soon as you place avalon it works.