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Re: Devs - Please remove wood as a research cost

Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:41 am

It's horrifically short-sighted and poorly tested to throw Gold, Wood and Elixir in as equal parts for research; Dwarves don't use Elixir at all, so it's a completely wasted resource for them, aside from research. If you don't like Priests, it's just as useless to Humans. I'm massively tempted to go Lich, just so I can use the 70k of Elixir I have piling up on my Castle14 server, because I can't spend it on anything!

The cost of troops needs to be looked into, why not make it Gold AND Elixir? There needs to be balance if this (pretty awesome) game is to continue.
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Re: Devs - Please remove wood as a research cost

Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:31 am

dablu wrote:
No, do not remove wood. It's better that some resources are scarce and some not

You spend literally millions of wood at high enough castle level to get enough prosperity to build a castle which also costs an arm and a leg.

The only way people can afford to keep up with those costs and get good wood upgrades is if they run a bunch of farm alts to generate impossibly good loot targets for themselves or they whale.
It's dumb and 100% a noob trap to put wood as a research cost, which new players are going to get and then find themselves stuck at a moderately low castle level with no where to go.

70k of Elixir

Just 3 X gold spiders will use up most if not all of that elixir.
You have to build serious banks now in order to afford most of the lategame research options.

Wood was always too rare for it's own good, because it's really dumb that a sawmill that costs 65k wood to upgrade only generates an extra 50 wood/h.
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Re: Devs - Please remove wood as a research cost

Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:21 pm

3 pages deep and not a word from the devs. I get that mirror realm might appease the whales but WTF is the majority of this community meant to do to play this game?
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