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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:29 pm
by Zogan
1. Realm 89, Castle 18.
2. Lord (Can't be King because the Kingdom has less then 10 cities anyways.
3. If it's still going to add into the problem then what for? Opening free migration made it worse for us due to the fact that an already small kingdom loosing active players that went to the top 3 kingdoms.
4. I'll wait and see what's the best strategy you guys can come up with to solve the issue.
5 - That they still don't run away by migrating to a better kingdom. That is the issue here from my point of view. As much as I want to be loyal to the kingdom I chose (or suggested by the game) it is not getting better at the moment.

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:56 pm
by Aluminara
Cirilla - Server 61 - Level 23 Pyramid.
I am a Governor.
I do not want a server merge as there is no way you can please everyone in that kind of scenario, and there are a lot of factors to think about.
My concerns are;

The difference in castle levels as the time the server has been up will be impacted, how soon the server died and people moved on, and how many players made that server a secondary server (so still active but mostly just maintenance)

That most servers I have seen have large active populations in 3 kingdoms, leaving any of the other 3 kingdoms that may have been ahead will now be put behind most likely (depending on how the merger system works. If you cut it back to x amount of small cities and the player's race to retake the medium or big. Or you divide the map up equally leaving the 3 big cities to the most dominant of the merging servers.)
What time you merge the servers, if you can not get on around the time the server starts all the good loot might get taken or you may find yourself put in a city and stomped on because the new people find your castle will be easy to take or you are not being guarded. Also if a merger happens around the same time a big update change like 1.14.3 your units will not be as strong or some other unforeseen circumstances.

Playing to your realm. The few active people left on a server might be spurring each other on everyday making them increase their power or garrison on one server but the merged server might be more lacks and casual or most people have just let things stay the same because of the cost of trying to take more cities is more than it is worth. If the servers are merged and the main active players from both servers end up on other sides, the lacks side will be put at a disadvantage due to their accustomed play style. Granted this comment might be a stretch but people are people.

Migrants might greatly swing the power of a newly formed server, will you place restrictions?

My thoughts/agreement;
Even with all of this, merging servers does not solve anything. The people that feel shafted will not play on the newly merged server and only the main 2-3 kingdoms will get a population boost then die again. There is no end game, look at server 9.
I believe Cosine has the best idea. Most competitive games seem to run like this, give an achievement page, some titles for most castles destroyed or PvP matches won. A leaderboard to point out to everyone how great you are. Giving people a goal will make them work for it.
Some cosmetics could be hero outfits, mounts, banners, Profile Pics and special house icons.

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:51 pm
by Destination
1. Server 49, Castle lvl 27
2.King, Lord
4. I think the idea that the Kings(i would imagine all of them, since it a server merge and not a kingdom one?) agree on the server to merge with, if you let people just freely jump around thats not gonna do any good, the kings represent their kingdoms and are,most of the time, the people with the best overview(Obviously i AM king and my opinion might be biased). For the mechanic on how to merge i prefer, under the condition that its not set in stone at that time already, to wait for the official strategie since people wont be able to agree on anything and get a good discussion rolling without it beeing official first.
5. difference in sever lifetime, this game is about beeing efficient to get ahead, doesnt seem fun to me to play efficient, be one of the better guys on your server, merge with a 1 week older server, and dont have any impact anymore. If you just merge server without managing the difference in server lifetime i would rather have you not merge them at all. You could as example speed up one of the server to get him on the time lvl of the other one, so basically giving the newer server the time difference in buildingspeed x2(for research, would have to make sure that its spend 50/50 on buildings /research)give us a REALLY big shop including all the items you might have bought in that time, and a reasonable amount of ressources(maybe give us the average ressources you got per day of your last 2 week per day or something like that). the same average thing you could do with the hero xp. Last but not least we should get all of the quest reward we could have gotten in that time. Maybe look at the average of quests each player did in a certain time(i dont know if and how that would be technically possible). anyways, this is just to show that it might work, the idea is in no way something that i would recommend to do exactly like i mentioned.
Eddit: Obviously it would be WAY easier to let the older server stagnate until the point that he has the same server lifetime, that would mean that one server had to wait a lot though.

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:23 pm
by BlutAar
1. Active on 43 - Vallari, pyramid 28, previously on servers 16 and 33 up until about stronghold level 17.
2. Lord (for the most part migrated Tier 3 house).
4. Hearing about an official strategy and working on it/adjusting it based on feedback of accomplished and dedicated players seems to be a good option. I would propose a system, which merges either houses or factions into a new server, based on a combination of average castle level and activity.
5. Running into more whales, or the vietnamese war machine, or into a server full of uncooperative/uncommunicative people.

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:52 pm
by Kirkis
Server 59, engine level 24


Firstly, the green kingdom is dead in my server which leaves 5 kingdoms. 3/5 of the kingdoms migrated into a "superkingdom" which pretty much will eventually kill the server. I don't see any future but am hoping for a server merge as this "superkingdom" will be an advantage to carry into the new kingdom.

What I am afraid of, of course, is the possibility of huge spenders from other servers completely wiping out us because of the gap in power. I heard there was a player who spent thousands and now has 1 million+ power.

That's the one thing.. the ONLY thing I am afraid of.

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:10 pm
by xzhang0526
1. Your realm and the level of your stronghold (Castle, Engine, or Pyramid).
Realm 49, Castle Level 26

2. Your status - whether you are a King, an Advisor, a Lord, a Governor, or other.
An advisor & Governor

3. If you do not want to merge realms, why not?
Big whales will always eat smaller whales and after a merge, surely a lot of used-to-be-active players that is not on the big whale side will leave the game. Plus it is almost impossible to have a fair merge, different realm will have different average level / active users.

Totally agree with Cosine, if after a few months (or after a certain point like one country controlled over 25 cities etc) the game should declare a winner country, and provide everyone the rewards and allow them to pick from new servers to restart.

If restart, to avoid people feeling that all of their invested money is wasted, my recommendation would be:
1. Keep all purchased heroes, but reset their levels to 1.
2. All hero's equipments & additional stat points could be either convert to linari or to unopened chests.
3. All remaining troops the user has should be converted to linari or random resource cards / chests as well.
4. Based on the country status (how many cities controlled at the end of the game) and the user status (level of castle, research level), gives a certain amount of bonus linari / chests and honor titles.

So in general, the people who spent money would get most of their money spent back in the new server, while the active players could get some reward from been playing actively.

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:26 pm
by Esquire
1. Server 18 - Level 28 Pyramid.

2. I am not actively involved in the King system.

3. I don't want to merge realms, I want the option to transfer servers. Server merging may address population issues on some servers, but in the case of Server 18, the biggest issue we are facing is the fact that we have one player with 2200k power and it increases daily. A server merge will not provide any measure of balance. If anything it will just subject additional players to being participants in this imbalance. When one player has that much power, they can dictate the pace and direction of the entire server, and there are no reasonable gameplay mechanics in place to mitigate this imbalance because they have thousands of gold troops and are invincible. No wall will ever be strong enough, even at max level, and no one is even capable of initiating combat with the person, or field an army strong enough to assault their castle.

4. Since I do not feel merging solves anything for my Server, I will not answer this. What I would like to see, however, is the option for the Player to choose from a number of Server options to transfer to, restricted based on what the Devs feel is best for balance. This would allow those of us who remain active on our server to have the option to move away from the power imbalance. Many of us are between 200-400k power, so we would happily participate on another server where the balance has not been so completely destroyed.

5. The biggest issue I see with server merges is that this will only perpetuate my servers biggest problem, which is a complete and total imbalance in player power. Please consider allowing us to choose a group of servers to move to.

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:47 pm
by Sargon
1. Your realm and the level of your stronghold (Castle, Engine, or Pyramid).
Realm 18, Castle Level 26

2. Your status - whether you are a King, an Advisor, a Lord, a Governor, or other.

3. If you do not want to merge realms, why not?
I'm okay with merging older realms, but I also want completely off of my realm. I am on realm 18 with your $2000 a day spender Baboom / Legend 27 and he completely and utterly ruins the game. He now runs around at over 2 million power switching factions and ruining everybody's hard work, thinking that he is some how balancing the realm for "new players". In reality, he has made a vast majority of the population entirely quit. Here's my point. I would pay money just to get away from this guy. Rather than an actual fight over territory, the server is just a bunch of people trying to get this gigawhale to do what they want. absolute cancer, and there are ZERO game mechanics to stop him. He is literally invincible. nobody in the ENTIRE GAME ON ANY SERVER can even duel him.

Honestly, i don't blame you for taking his money, but i'm now asking you to take mine so that i can put my castle onto a server that revolves around actually playing the game as designed rather than the whims of a millionaire.

Edit: As stated above by another unfortunately realm 18 player, merging Baboom onto a realm with more players will just subject more people to this 'oppressive' force. People quit in droves when they work hard for something, even if its just a small city with a few players, and it is completely demolished by somebody who is so insanely powerful that there is virtually no way to stop him. Even just knowing that there is somebody else on the server that can at any time ruin what you are working on is more than enough reason to go elsewhere.

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:03 pm
Devs please read!
I play on three different servers on two of them I am the house leader. Realm 58 castle around level 30. Realm 80 castle around level 20. On realm 18 my castle is around 10. I am Lich on 58, but dwarf on both others. I have been King on a server and advisor on others. I kind of have the early, mid and late game experience going on.
I think servers should be merged because there are too many servers that have died from players leaving, new Servers releasing, and on some servers once one kingdom wins the war for all territory. I understand that sometimes houses lose and move to new servers, this happens on any clan/guild/tribe supporting game with multiple servers everyone likes a fresh start sometimes. Sometimes a solo player won't make many friends on his current server and will decide to play elsewhere. It happens. However I think merging servers will create more competition and more active servers! It does not have to be a one time all inclusive thing! I think a really fun solution could be:
Possibly every 30 days or 60 days the server you are playing on merges with another. The territory control is reset and houses have to compete for those territories all over again. with having new houses to compete with that have their own history and conflicts from the server they came from! This would make everything so fresh and sort of seasonal I believe it would stop players from needing new servers all the time! Because you never know how the control will shift from season to season! And as new servers are being added older servers are being merged therefore keeping the player population high on all servers! And still allowing newer/low level players the ability to join the newest servers for a level playing field. The way that the server Merging could be decided on could be a vote by all players on a server. Or completely random. Or what I suggest: determined by the devs, as they can see all the statistics from each server and determine how to deliver the best experience(for example a server that has 75% of players having 200,000+ Power might be best to merge with another high-power server).
This could open the door to a new game mechanics like for instance at the end of the season the house with the most the territories could get a special chest, or 1000 Linari, or the ability to choose one of their cities to keep going into next season. Or all of the above! The possibilities are endless!
I think this will cause losing houses to not abandon their current server if they know they have another fighting chance at the start of new season! This also would make things easier on the devs as they won't have an infinite number of servers to maintain.(This was a problem on ark survival evolved.) Players from the losing tribes constantly requested new servers from the devs for a fresh start and now the game has close to 1000 servers that are hardly populated.
I think with this server merging as well as the migration tool the experience will be a lot better for players, it will be more difficult for one house to dominate forever, and the game will have an ever evolving territory control. With the new competition introduced each season.
If you read my entire post I appreciate it I think this will truly help the game!

Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:32 pm
by Apollyon
1. 57 Argos - Lvl 22 Castle
2. Royal Guard, Governor
3. I do want to merge realms
4. I would indeed like to hear the official strategy, but I would like to see migration removed before the merge happens or i think it will defeat the purpose. All migration will do is cause the most powerful players of 2 servers to be located in one kingdom instead of the most powerful players of 1 server. I hope the official strategy addresses this.
5 - That the kingdoms will not be balanced in terms of power.