Do you want your realm to be merged?

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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:23 am

1. Ithos 32, Level 34 Rakan
2. Lord of Empire and representative of most of Ithos. King (this week. we share.)
3. Merging realms needs to be done ASAP
4. Merging could be done 2 different ways as I see it.
A. Make a mega server/map in which everyone could join and simply transfer to. (Maybe with new content and a gigantic map accommodating enough for 5-20 server blocks depending on size able to be created.
B. Multi server merge. Merge 5-10 server at once. Take timeframe into account. So if for example 30-35 and each server was open 2 days apart grant nothing to server 30, but for server 31 grant 2 days worth of speeds ups for troops, and 2 days for building rush, grant a block of resources say 200k of main rss, 500 for rare. / Server 32 gets 4 days each boost, 400k main rss, 1k rare rss. / Server 33 gets 6 days each boost, 600k main rss, 1.5k rare rss. / Server 34 gets 8 days each boost, 800k main rss, 2k rare rss. Server 35 gets 10 days each boost, 1000k main rss, 2.5k rare rss. Give each server a week to prep. Then merge them. Start everything from scratch on new map. Now this could work for just 2 servers merging as well, but where's the excitement in that? Do multiple servers at once. It adds more of a random element to the game. Now no one can be too sure of a Victor. Alliances, betrayals, spies and mega battles once again! Sounds like fun :).
B(1) after a certain time frame. Say 2 months, a Victor will be declared via endgame scenario via whatever method chosen or... Not.... But after 2 months is up this server block that has been merged merges again with a neighbor server block. Like a competition. Beat one block, absorb, (or get beaten and absorbed) move to next one. Keeps everyone thinking ahead and the game interesting. Also gets everyone more able to work together after lengthy engagements knowing that there will be a new and better foe right around the corner. Makes the Victor's not pick on, and willing to accept those they defeated, and those defeated more willing to join (or betray once the servers merged. Again. Exciting.) Keeps you on your toes and forcing everyone in the end to work together to fight a new enemy.
5 - my biggest concern is this merge not happening asap. We're loosing players. Which means your loosing revenue. Do it now. :)
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Lilith Games Staff - Admin
Lilith Games Staff - Admin
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:26 am

Hi guys,

We are very sorry to make you all wait for so long. The team is working hard to quickly start merging servers. Will keep you updated.
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:05 am

Thank you for keeping us posted.
If the leaked Dragontooth info is anything to go by then I am really looking forward to it!

My only worry is how it will play out with the servers that have alot of whales. Ofcourse they spent money to get their advantages, but I do hope it gets balanced out so that the players with smaller purses don't get completely obliterated!

Another suggestion would be a type of PvP land/arena/area where people from all servers can participate in a battle with a set (min/max) power requirement, with no heroes or active abilities allowed. That would be interresting and fair for everyone! :)
(Mind you, I have a lvl35 Jacques with 87 might, so this is not coming from an anti-Jacques player but from someone who just wants everyone to have a fair change).
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:31 pm

1. Your realm and the level of your stronghold (Castle, Engine, or Pyramid). : 64, Castle 33
2. Your status - whether you are a King, an Advisor, a Lord, a Governor, or other : Advisor, Governor
3. If you do not want to merge realms, why not?: I want
4. If you do want to merge realms, do you have a preferred way that the merging take place? (For example, would you want to choose which realm you merge with, would you prefer that the King make that decision, or would you perhaps first like to wait to hear about the official strategy and then point out areas that could be improved?):
5 - If your realm merges what is your biggest concern? : Compensate the late realms with fastrush and some resource. For example, I am in realm 64. So if 65 is merged with us they should get 1day x (100% - 50%) of fast building rush, and fast research. Also, the total resources and EXP x (100% - 50%) obtainable from their land for 24 hours.
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:33 pm

I am level 27 castle
Power 306k
I am currently marquis rank
I wan my realm 77 Avonrock to be merged
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:37 pm

1. Realm 56, 36 Engine
2. King of Nefrak\advisitor - Prince of Skyrend

4. to force 6 and 6 realms together first, make all "new" server alot more activ. (force merge 1-6, 7-12, 13-18 etc) run that for 2\3\5 mounths and force merge 1-6, 7-12 etc again... and then bring "Dragontooth" live... let all player find together in one server!
5 - if the other servers we merge with can handle us, give us alot of new funny pvp's again! good war fighting!

We need new activity, thats for sure.. just merge us so we get a new map with loot etc again would be good.. (the map should be refresh each mounth or two, and allways grow stronger\higher loot.
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I'm just a professional.. so let's have a map refresh each 8 week!
Server 56
"lets NERF NERF NERF! Everything is OP OP OP !"
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:48 am

Castle 29 server 94
Bishop/prince of silvercourt
If you do server merges DO NOT ALLOW MIGRATION
There is servers that want to move every strong player into them so that they can just bully all the weak and have no competition and once again have a dead server which they can complain about.
I suggest making each server one kingdom and have multiple servers merged with MIGRATION CLOSED.
The key is competition
We dont need repeats of the big issues of migration on other servers which are all dead now
5- migrationl people have already talked about migrating to one power kingdom on whatever server they play for repeat of boring gameplay
4-(out of order ik im lazy) just dont want migration open considering its what killed competition in most servers already
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:36 am

Migration close is not a solution. Currently migration glitch is that the balance is kept ONLY by the cities a kingdom posses. But as been said in previous posts, if eg all 500 and 600 k players join a color because it posses the less cities, while the rest colors have max 300k, balance is seriously altered.

Migration balance should be calculated from number of cities AND/OR total players power like house measurement somehow or measure the higher rank players on Kingdom so 2 x 500k cannot be on the same color while other color has 2 x 300K
90 Farsteed
Castle 40
House: Yellow, 1FN
Rank: Humble Servant of the Kingdom
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:14 pm

Server 84, engine lvl 30
Advisor, Prince, Governor.
Yes, Merge servers asap. Add 5-6 servers together, so there are plenty of players. Give bonus to underdeveloped servers, speedups and wood for construction.
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:00 pm


I should be Prince by now if it ain't for the SCREWED RANKING SYSTEM now i have been demoted to Marquiz !

I AGREE we should hasten REALM MERGERS to ensure the fun continues

lest we all be F©€D by the " MAN " !

KINGDOM Migration is still uptight that Players can't transfer to the KINGDOM which controls

the most number of cities ( MERGED REALM ) ? AFTER REALMS MERGE .

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